All classes maintain rates at Ayr market

At Ayr market on Tuesday, December 30 Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd, sold 11 Prime Cattle & 32 Cast Cows, all classes maintained recent rates.

Six Bullocks averaged 212.9p/kg or £1309.58, 5 Heifers averaged 216.2p/kg or £1200.15, 8 Beef Cows averaged 119.2p/kg and 24 Dairy Cows averaged 78.9p/kg

Top price of the day was 223p/kg for a Limousin Heifer off Auchentibbert or £1281.80 for another off the same home. Bullocks topped at 218p/kg for a Limousin off Challochmun or £1362.40 for a Limousin off Auchentibbert.

Cast Cows: Friesian: £900 Knowe £810 Dalmoak £800 Bridgend Lim: £790 & £720 Dallowie Ayrshire: £710 & £680 Badenheath AA Blk: £1060 Watson AA Hfr: £1060 Watson