Ambition is key to success for primary pupils

Hundreds of primary school pupils from all over South Ayrshire are receiving new awards this month, rewarding them their achievements and successes in school.

The ‘Award of Ambition’ (AoA) replaces the ‘Junior Achievement Awards’ and recognises young pupils’ efforts in learning, with a wider focus than standard academic subjects, in line with the Curriculum for Excellence.

AoA encourages community-based learning in areas such as health, wellbeing and expressive arts, helping pupils to see themselves as valued members of their communities.

In addition, the award encourages pupils to take responsibility for their own learning and helps support them as they make positive choices towards a responsible, healthy and active lifestyle, boosting their confidence and enhancing their self-esteem.

Supporting and encouraging this, the Council’s Active Schools co-ordinators have played an important role in working with pupils and parents, forging links between school and leisure opportunities, encouraging participation and helping direct young people to activity providers in their local community.

They have also been instrumental in delivering a balanced programme of active learning for pupils in the key transition years of P7 into S1, helping pupils who need a bit of extra support make a seamless journey into ‘big’ school.

Presenting the awards at events in Ayr, Girvan, Maybole and Troon, Councillor Margaret Toner, Portfolio Holder for Lifelong Learning said: “The new Award of Ambition is a fantastic way to motivate our young pupils to take boost their confidence, become successful and make positive contributions as citizens in their local communities.

“The Award reflects the wider scope of the Curriculum for Excellence and really offers every opportunity for all pupils to achieve their full potential.

“Every child who has received a certificate should be very proud of themselves and I know that they will be an inspiration to others.”

Carrick award recipients


Alex Gardner

Chloe Hodge

Lauren Limond

Leah Nelson


Michael Hoggitt

Drew Maxwell

Holly Maxwell


Molly McMillan


Ryan Brinsley

Roisin Davidson

Heather Dick

Maxwell Findlay

Robert Gibson

Gracie Kruise

Katie Tyson


Toni McLaughlin

Josh Malone


Carly Aitken

Ali Atay

John Boden

Finlay Brown

Rachael Donnelly

Kayleigh Edwards

Stuart Grierson

Olivia Marshall

Harry Paterson

Jordan Seaton

Kiera Shannon

Sophie Sherlaw

Alexander Thomson


Alayna Dalgleish

Aiva Dickie

Holly Keenan

Sarah Killen

Rory McMillan

Lauren Maxton

Amy Prower


Colin Kemp

Amber McClinton

Finlay Scobie


Tenisha Aubad

Hazel Cloy

Skye Fenton

Andrew Logan

Robbie McCrae

David McTaggart

Bethany Wilson

Jessica Wilson


Logan Hanley

Mantvydas Jasinas

Ciara McAllister

Luciana McGarvie

Anthony McLaughlin

Owen McMillan

Lee McVittie

Christopher Moore

Elinor Neilan

Michelle Reid

Patrick Shaw

Katie Smith

Zoe Swan

Duncan Townsley


Sam Beck

Mackenzie Kerr

Chloe Kirkpatrick

Kiya McAuley

Dylan Moore

Cameron Sloan

Kelsey Thomson


Arlana Allan

Toni Black

Gregor Brown

Ross Campbell

Ben Clark

Shaun Cook

Leeanne Cullen

Kym Drummond

Giana Flynn

Teigan Goudie

Teegan Hicks

Adam Ingram

Connor Irvine

Calum Johnston

Kyle Johnston

Morgan Leggat

Josh Livingston

Ross McCreath

Alex McCrindle

Taylor McEwan

Demi McFarlane

Lisa McGinley

Katie McLatchie

Dylan Powell

Jay Reid

Paul Ritchie

Glen Russell

Devon Smith

Holi Stewart

Rachel Stirling

Owen Sweeney

Jamie Thomson

Kieron Voce

Jay Watson

Kirsty Wilson

Aidan Wroe


Malcolm Boag

Lucy Cosslett

Ibby Kelly

Kwesi Kerr