And beyond making a difference in Girvan

A member of the And Beyond team gets to work with the power spray.
A member of the And Beyond team gets to work with the power spray.
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The work of the volunteers of And Beyond is underway.

The group of 12 local young people have successfully taken their first step to improving the seating area at flushes.

The young people power washed and cleaned the whole area. They have also organised for the benches to be taken away and re-spray painted to revitalise the area and make it more appealing to both the Girvan community and to visitors and tourists.

The team of And Beyond are also looking at designing a centrepiece of some sort to make this a real focal point of Girvan.

The group of young people are also currently re-establishing the vegetable plot and surrounding areas for the elderly residents of Boyle Court.

Project coordinator Ainsley Donnelly said: “It would be great to sit and eat your fish and chips in a clean and tidy environment with a nice centrepiece to make the area more aesthetically pleasing.

“We would like to give a huge thanks to David Ogilvie of Kilmarnock who provided us with the commercial washer free of charge and who also helped us out on the day.

“Also thank you to Fairbairn & McQuiston who unscrewed the benches free of charge. Finally a big thank you to Mr and Mrs Rossi for their local support by allowing us access to their water supply and providing teas and coffees on the day.”

The And Beyond team are willing to help out in any other projects which will enhance the local community.

If anyone would like help from a team of 12 enthusiastic young people then please get in touch with Ainsley Donnelly or Terri Bell on 01465 714729 located at the Z1/Girvan Youth Trust building.

The “And Beyond” Project is part-financed by the Scottish Government, European Community and Ayrshire LEADER 2007 – 2013 Programme and South Ayrshire Community Planning Partnership