Anger at bus service cancellation

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WORKERS in South Carrick are to write to their MSPs after the cancellation of a morning commuter service in South Ayrshire.

Bus company Stagecoach plans to stop the no.60 service from July 17 which travels from Ayr and picks up passengers from villages throughout Carrick in time to take passengers to their jobs in Girvan for 9am.

One passenger, who works at Nobles Boatyard in Girvan, said that the service was busy with factory, shop and local authority workers from villages like Culzean, Kirkcowan, Maidens and Turnberry going to work.

There are also a group of golf caddies who use the bus to get to the Turnberry course to start work at 9am.

Karen Noble, who works in Nobles Boatyard in Girvan said: “They just put a notice up in the bus stop about timetable changes and I downloaded the new timetable last week.

“There was no consultation about the changes.

“It’s so inconvenient and means that there is now no service for the villages between 7.30am and 9.30am each weekday.

“I can get access to Girvan by car but some people cannot.

“They keep telling us to cut our carbon footprint but now I’m having to take the car.”

Mrs Noble added that she was told by Stagecoach that the timetable changes are made by Strathclyde Partnership for Transport.

Bryony Chamberlain, Stagecoach managing director for West Scotland said: “The service has been changed as part of the revised tender specification for Strathclyde Partnership for Transport which subsidises services from Girvan to Stranraer and Girvan to Colmonell as well as certain journeys on the Ayr to Girvan route.

“Stagecoach were successful in winning the new contract which starts on July 17 on the basis of timetables submitted to SPT at the start of the tendering process.

“We have been engaged in extensive discussion with officers of SPT in finalising the timetable to ensure that best value was provided to SPT for their supported services.

“SPT offices are required to advise the relevant local authority of proposed changes and this was presented to their Operations Committee of which there is a member from each unitary authority within the former Strathclyde Region.

“In registering a variation to any timetable we require to give 70 days notice to SPT and the correct procedures have been carried out.

“SPT do operate a ring’n’ride service in the Girvan area and it may be possible that this service can incorporate the displaced journey from Maidens around 8.30 in the morning.”