Another successful year for Ayrshire Hospice

The gardens at Ayrshire Hospice.
The gardens at Ayrshire Hospice.

The Ayrshire Hospice has published its annual overview for 2012/13 entitled “Valuing the work of the hospice”.

Reporting on figures from April 2012 – March 2013, the overview highlights the value of the work of the hospice as well as the value of the financial support shown to the hospice by individuals, communities and organisations from across Ayrshire.

The contribution made by employed and voluntary staff is also highlighted, illustrating the many and diverse roles involved in delivering outstanding hospice care to patients with life-limiting illness, and their families.

During 2012-13, the Ayrshire Hospice touched the lives of many patients and families: A total of 873 referrals were made to the hospice, from across Ayrshire; 331 referrals from North Ayrshire; 290 referrals from South Ayrshire; 249 referrals from East Ayrshire and three referrals from outside Ayrshire and Arran Health Board.

272 of those referrals were 65 years and under, 86 patients had a non-cancer diagnosis, 286 patients were admitted to the in-patient unit, 104 patients were discharged from the in-patient unit, 3145 day service places were allocated, 4419 visits were made to patients in the community, 832 referrals were made to the hospital palliative care team and 2963 review visits were made by the hospital palliative care team.

Dr John Elliott, Chairman of the Ayrshire Hospice Board of Directors said: “The hospice has had another successful year. We have delivered much needed care to literally thousands of patients and their loved ones across Ayrshire and Arran, at no cost to them.

“We have exceeded our own financial targets and we have achieved a glowing report from our regulator, Health Improvement Scotland, on the outstanding quality of our services.

“We have forged ahead with the implementation of our ambitious five-year strategic plan, eighty-five per cent of which has been realised within three years of its launch in 2010.

“The resulting changes have not only brought significant benefits to patients and their carers but they have helped to place the hospice in a better position to deal with the challenges we face in the future.”

It cost £6.9 million to run all hospice services during 2012/13, including clinical services, fundraising activities and support services. £2.4million of those costs were met by a contribution from NHS Ayrshire and Arran, with the remaining £4.5million being secured through voluntary donations.

Mandy Yule, Chief Executive of the Ayrshire Hospice said: “This year’s overview focusses on our core values: the values that guide our work, the values that make our hospice tick.

“It highlights the influence of those values on the care we provide, our staff, and the services we offer, whilst acknowledging the significant value of the support given to us by our wonderful volunteers and fundraisers.

“Since joining the hospice as Chief Executive in August 2013 I am being consistently reminded of the trust and value placed in the hospice by those it serves and the value of the unfaltering support shown to us by all of our supporters.”