Appeal for child helpers

As part of the national Festival of Museums, the Castle of St John in Stranraer will be opening its doors to a very special event.

Local artist Julie Houston will be bringing two 16th-century characters to life with the help of a lot of papier mache. It’s a messy business and it needs lots of little hands to make it happen. Do you have what it takes?

Julie is calling on children of all ages to help her build full-size papier mache models of Ninian Adair and Elizabeth Gordon, original owners of the Castle of St John. They were married the same year as Mary, Queen of Scots, and Lord Darnley, and Julie plans to make sure they look good enough to rival the royal couple. When they are complete they will stand in the Castle for the whole summer for everyone to see.

So if you have a bit of artistic flair, or you just like getting your hands mucky, come a long to the Castle of St John on Saturday, May 19. Just drop in anytime between 11am and 3pm. The castle itself will be open from 10am-4.30pm, and the models will be on view from the end of May when the castle opens for the summer. Admission to the castle and entry to the event is free.