Assel Valley gets go ahead

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The plans to build eleven turbines in the Assel Valley region near Girvan wll go ahead after the Scottish Government gave the green light.

The appeal notice decision was given on Tuesday September 3 by the Scottish Government’s Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals.

An appeal had been submitted to the Government by Falck Renewables in January who were appealing against South Ayrshire Council’s failure to give a decision within the agreed timeframe.

The original plans for the Assel Valley turbines would have seen 17 wind turbines built on the site but this was then reduced to 11 upon an addendum in May 2012 from South Ayrshire Council and the height to the turbine tips was reduced from 126.5m to 110m.

However, the Government’s decision has been met with anger in the local community.

Kim Terry, who lives in Pinmore says that the whole village is up in arms about the decision.

“Everyone in the village is devastated by the decision and we are starting to wonder why we even bother now.

“This goes completely against the council’s decision so we feel completely powerless. I genuinely feel there is no democracy in Scotland anymore.”

Adam Ingram MSP for Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley said: ““In my opinion it is difficult to find fault with the Reporters analysis and conclusions. On the face of it the 27 conditions which planning permission will be subjected to seem to be comprehensive and fairly reflect the concerns of the local residents on potential adverse impacts of the development. I realise that this decision will bring cold comfort to those opposed in principle to windfarms but there is little or no evidence that the attractiveness of South Ayrshire to visitors will be seriously undermined by this development.”

Councillor Alec Oattes added: “ I understand this will be a bitter blow to the residents of the Assel Valley especially after South Ayrshire Council refused the original application.

“I am still very concerned about the cumulative impact this will have on South Carrick, and the problems this will impose in the construction phase.”