Awards for Carrick Centre entries

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The winners of the prize draw for those completing the recent Carrick Centre Survey were presented with their prizes in the Carrick Centre development office earlier this month.

Kyle Campbell won the Youth Section and Cindy McEwan won the Adult Section draws in the competition.

The presentation was made by Alan Murray, Community Development Manager for the Centre.

Alan said: “We gained a lot of good information about what people would like to see in the Carrick Centre and we hope over the next few months that we can begin to turn these ideas into action.

“The main areas of interest which people expressed in the survey included a coffee shop, concerts, soft play and children’s parties.

“Although there were lots of other ideas given in the survey.

“Young people expressed a great interest in computer and internet access, free wi-fi, discos and youth clubs.

“There was also great support for music concerts, games and activities, and somewhere to do homework.

“The Carrick Centre has been working with consultants to look at the options available for operating the centre and the information gained in this survey has been of great benefit in preparing an options appraisal which will be used to develop the final business plan for the centre over the next couple of months.

“The organisers are very grateful for all contributions and still welcome other ideas and expressions of interest in the development of the Carrick Centre.

“Anyone is welcome to call in at the development office in School Vennel which normally opens between 10am and 2pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

“Our website is and you can get up to date information on the progress of the building here as well as linking to our online shopping website and linking to other relevant local websites, we also hope soon to develop a feedback section where you can make comments or give us your views on the development of the Carrick Centre Programme.”

More progress has taken place on the building work for the centre this month.

The roof of the building now has its green covering and laths ready for tiling.

Brickwork has been started, and work has now started internally. Soon the outside of the building will be finished and all work will be happening inside.