Ayrshire schools give poverty the boot

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Schools across South Ayrshire are getting their wellies on in support of Farm-Africa, a UK charity making an incredible impact in reducing hunger and poverty in eastern Africa.

To help schools raise the funds which will have a real long-term impact in reducing hunger in Africa, FARM-Africa has sent a pack full of information and creative fundraising ideas to thousands of schools across the UK.

The pack is full of creative, welly-themed ideas to inspire children and their teachers to raise funds.

Every penny raised will help children in the UK reach out to children in Africa who lack the essentials UK children take for granted like food, clean water, healthcare and education.

Ideas include staging a non-uniform “wear your wellies to school” day – students make a small donation to wear their wellies to school.

Or, schools can stage a “Welly Olympics” with welly-relay races and welly-obstacle courses.

Sponsorship money or a small entry-fee will soon have the money rolling in. Farm-Africa has also produced a range of educational resources including detailed lesson plans in core curriculum subjects for Key Stages 1 and 2.

Each lesson plan offers national curriculum targeted learning for the pupils.

Geography lessons encourage children to use maps to locate African countries and to examine the differences in rural living; English lessons allow children to learn about the typical school day for a child in Africa, providing the basis for creative writing exercises.