Ballantrae bowlers have their identities revealed

editorial image

The members of Ballantrae Bowling Club featured as the Carrick Gazette’s ‘from our files’ picture on August 8 have been identified.

Shirley McCulloch had sent in the photo, which showed the Club in an unknwn year, but knew only four of the men pictured. With some help from Ballantrae’s Rab McClung however, Shirley can now put names to most of their faces.

The back row (from left to right) features: Billy McDonald; George Clark; Matt McClung, James McClung Snr; Bob McClung; and John McNally.

While the first gentleman on the left in the middle row remains a mystery figure, the second is J. McKissock , and the rest (from left to right) Freddie Phillips (?); Alf Cloy; Mr Murray; Mr Young; and Sam McClung.

Seated in the front are (from left to right): Wullie (Bricky) Nelson; Sanny Cunningham; Gibb Templeton; Charlie Maitland; Sam Agnew; David McClung; Bobby Cunningham; Jimmy Skilling; John McCreadie; and Mr McClardy.

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