Bands wanted for music on the prom

Girvan Youth Trust is currently involved in establishing a summer activity programme for Girvan Promenade.

The idea behind the project is to build upon the successful management of the Girvan Boating Pond and in particular the reintroduction of children’s entertainers last summer. This summer will see local young people increase the number of days on which they operate the boating pond and provide children’s traditional/seaside entertainment.

The Trust is now proposing to re-introduce music on the Prom every Sunday afternoon between 30th June and 18th August.

Bill Logan said: “Girvan is never going to be a modern day seaside resort however everyone we speak to can remember coming to Girvan ‘when they were wee’, this ‘positive memory’ is what we want to capture and use as a marketing tool.

“We have secured lottery awards for all funding, what we are short of is local bands who would like the opportunity to come and play on Girvan Promenade for one hour on a Sunday afternoon. GYT will pay some money towards costs. This Sunday performance will also provide an ideal opportunity for local brass/ silver bands, local school or community bands who are looking for fundraising ideas.

“We are looking at showcasing a different band or musical taste over the eight week period including: silver brass bands, accordion bands, school bands, swing, jazz, country and western, Scottish, traditional and from full bands to quartets, trios/ duos etc. Contact Bill Logan, Girvan Youth Trust on 01465 714729 or e-mail