Barrhill Burns celebration

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Pupils from Barrhill Nursery and Primary School invited the local ‘Six 0’ Club to join them for a morning of song, dance, art and poetry.

Members of the ‘Six O’ Club were very impressed with the efforts of the children and thoroughly enjoyed the morning that the pupils had planned for them.

After the entertainment, everyone enjoyed a plateful of haggis, neeps and tatties served up by school staff.

ll pupils recited a poem and were judged by the panel. Winners were: P1 – Iona Thomson, P4 – Zoe Allan, P5 – Jordon Bradshaw, P6 – Megan Crowhurst, P7 – Maisy-May Crowhurst

Overall infant winner: Iona Thomson

Overall upper winner: Maisy-May Crowhurst

Art prizes: Infant – Iona Thomson, Upper – Megan Crowhurst