Be a nosy neighbour!

Carrick Nosy neighbour
Carrick Nosy neighbour

MEET the figureheads for the Carrick Gazette’s Nosy Neighbours campaign - our popular cartoon strip characters Haggis and Chips.

Artist Ronnie Britton came up with the idea of using them to promote the public awareness initiative because: “You don’t get anything much nosier or interested in what’s going on around them than a wee Westie!”

The Nosy Neighbours scheme is an informal initiative to make people take note of what is happening in their area.

If they are worried about the welfare of neighbours - young and old - or witness anti-social and criminal activities but are reluctant to contact the authorities themselves, we’ll pass on the information for them.

No individuals will be identified unless they appear in court.

Anyone who wants concerns relayed to the police, social services, SSPCA or community councils can do so by telephoning the Carrick Gazette newsdesk on 01465 712688 or by email to

As with the nationwide helpline Crimestoppers - 0800 555 111 - all contacts will be treated in the strictest confidence.