Big Lottery boost for Carrick Centre

The Carrick Centre in Maybole has received a huge funding grant from the Big Lottery Fund in Scotland.

The centre has been awarded £35,902 through the Young Start programme which is operated by the Big Lottery.

The money is set to be used by the centre to provide a range of training as well as employment opportunities.

And furthermore, the five figure grant will be used to deliver a range of IT provision in areas such as videography or graphic design.

Up to 120 young people in Maybole and the surrounding areas will benefit from the money being used in this way.

Alan Murray of the Carrick Centre was delighted at the news.

He said: “This will allow us to continue our youth work that we have being doing to provide training and a range of activities.

“The money will be used in the digital people area allowing them to use cameras and computers etc, so it is a very welcome boost.”

And he revealed that the centre has just learned of two further significant funding boosts that will help them sustain their projects.

He revealed: “We’ve also received money from the Robertson Trust which amounts to £10,000 over each of the next two years.

“And the William Grant and Sons Trust has awarded us £8,000 over the next two years which will help with training costs.”

Mr Murray said that the centre aims to carry out many social objectives.

“We aim to be self supporting and we were set up with the hope of carrying out social objectives, and the cafe continues to bring welcome sources of revenue.”

He added that the young people of the town are a particular focus for the centre.

He said: “As a centre we have priority to help the area in general but with the dreadful unemployment statistics for Maybole, the young people are a particular target group.”

The news of the grant was warmly welcomed by Sandra Osborne MP who said: “I am delighted to hear that The Carrick Centre in Maybole has been awarded this funding. I would like to congratulate the centre on its success and wish them the very best for the future.”

The £2m multi purpose facility was opened in 2012 as a key point of regenerating Maybole and their latest business plan which was adopted by the executive committee in February of this year, showcases the ambition the centre has for the future.

Their vision is for the centre to be at the heart of community life and leisure in North Carrick and they outlined six objectives in the summary of the business plan which they hope to achieve by 2016.

They want to generate a surplus of £10,000 on total revenues of £188,000 each year and also increase average room occupancy rates to 31% and boost visitor numbers to 11,000 per year.

Keeping in line with their social objectives they want to achieve social impacts associated with community life and leisure for key target groups regardless of their age or circumstance.

The centre want to retain and develop a workforce of staff, volunteers and trainees of an appropriate size and skill to provide the centre’s services.

And they wish to maintain and develop the availability and condition of the centre whilst positioning it as being at the heart of the community with local people, neighbouring communities and visitors being brought through and to the wider area of North Carrick.