Biosphere promote a ‘Climate Ready’ vision

The launch of the biosphere's climate ready vision with Aileen McLeod MSP.
The launch of the biosphere's climate ready vision with Aileen McLeod MSP.

The Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere’s Climate Ready Vision has ben officially launched by Aileen McLeod MSP.

The vision was launched on Friday November 20 when world leaders had headed to Paris for the United Nations backed 2015 Paris Climate Conference.

Joan Mitchell Chair of the Galloway and Southern Ayrshire partnership Board said: “As Scotlands first UNESCO Biosphere, we are now also one of the first in the world to set out a positive vision for a climate ready Biosphere.

“We will share lessons we learn from our international partners, as we all face the global challenge of climate change.

“Our vision for a Climate ready Biosphere is one which we take early and planned action to prepare ourselves, allowing us to tackle challenges and benefit from opportunities.

Climate Change Minister Aileen McLeod said, “Climate change affects us all, and adaptation is crucial if we are to be as prepared and resilient as possible to deal with its impacts here in Scotland – such as extreme weather events, coastal flooding and erosion, and disruption to the lives of our communities and people. 

“No single organisation, business or community will be able to adapt to climate change in isolation, which is why this work is so important. The Climate Ready Biosphere Vision sets out how this project will provide valuable insight and leadership on climate change adaptation in the coming months and years.”