Boating pond ready and waiting

editorial image

Girvan boating pond is ready and waiting for the summer - if it ever arrives!

A team of 12 local youngsters, trained by Girvan Youth Trust, are ready with the boating pond painted and filled.

Bill Logan of Girvan Youth Trust said; “I am not in any way a photographer however I just thought that this ‘reflection’ photo would be an ideal way of answering the increasing number of questions that we have received regarding this year’s operation of the Boating Pond.

“This year’s team of 12 local young people have been appointed and trained, the pond has been painted and filled, all in preparation for the good summer weather.

“However the weather has simply been horrendous in regards to our summer programme particularly in terms of the Pond and the Music on the Prom.

“That said our kids entertainers and activity days started last Tuesday and Thursday to which we attracted over 50 local young children each day.

“This week’s Music on the Prom features ‘Just John and Paul’, a John Lennon and Paul McCartney tribute band. The event will definitely go ahead as we will relocate to South Parish Church Hall if weather is unsuitable on the promenade.

“The kids summer programme and Music on the Prom shows are of course all provided free with all donations received on the day helping to offset the cost.

“We therefore really appreciate the support by locals and visitors.”