Bookmarks for kids’ safety

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Colourful and handy bookmarks, aimed at providing useful information to protect children who may be at risk of harm, are being given to every child in South Ayrshire.

Designed with children and distributed by South Ayrshire Child Protection Committee (CPC), the bookmarks promote the important message that all children in the area have the right to feel safe, to be protected from harm and abuse and have access to advice if they have a concern.

Children are encouraged to talk to an adult they know and trust, such as a parent, teacher or school nurse if they are worried about themselves, or another child they know.

They can also speak to a social worker, police officer or someone at Childline and contact numbers are listed on the bookmarks.

Joanne Sharp, Interim Chair of the Child Protection Committee (CPC) said: “It’s very important everyone knows and understands what to do if they are concerned about a child’s safety and protection – this includes children themselves.

“They are also likely to be aware of things that affect their friends and should know what can be done to help.”

“Services across South Ayrshire work closely with children, families and the community, to ensure all children in our area are protected from harm and given the best possible chance in life.”

Partners in the Child Protection Committee include South Ayrshire Council, NHS Ayrshire and Arran, Strathclyde Police, the Procurator Fiscal Service, the Scottish Children’s Reporters Administration and representatives from the voluntary sector.

The bookmarks were launched at Monkton Primary School by members of the Chief Officers’ group that oversees the CPC’s work.

This includes David Anderson, Chief Executive, South Ayrshire Council, Wai-yin Hatton, Chief Executive, NHS Ayrshire and Arran and John Thomson, Chief Superintendent, Strathclyde Police.

David Anderson said: “With the summer holidays underway, we want all our children in South Ayrshire to feel safe and protected from harm.”