Bring back the ducks

Jim Harper senior sent in this picture of the duck pond at Culzean Castle but noted there are remarkably few ducks in evidence on the pond.

Jim said: “Year on year we have had to watch as gulls, carrion crows and herons have taken nearly all the young ducklings that find their way onto the pond.

“Last year not one duckling was raised to maturity despite dozens appearing there in the early mornings. In more enlightened times pests like Carrion crows and Black backed gulls were kept under control by keepers, farmers, etc. It has long been an attraction for visitors to feed the ducks on the pond but I wonder how long till there are no ducks to feed. The population of Mallard ducks, the most common and visitor friendly, has declined year on year. Oh for the days when country matters were in the hands of country people and legislators with sense.”