Bus shelter is exposed to the elements, claims resident

One of the new bus shelters at the Dipple near Girvan.
One of the new bus shelters at the Dipple near Girvan.

A resident of the Dipple cottages near Girvan contacted the Gazette this week to complain about the new bus shelters at the cottages.

The resident told the Gazette that the new bus shelters that had been put in place recently were almost completely exposed to the elements and they were unhappy at the money spent on replacing the old ones.

However, a response from the Ayrshire Roads Alliance insists that the new shelters have almost the exact same protection as the old ones did and that access has been boosted at the site.

A spokesman said: “The amount of protection provided from the elements is almost identical to the old shelter however significant improvements have been made in terms of access.”

The roads alliance also say one of the driving factors in the shelter replacement programme was that they should be compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act.

As a result, the new shelters at the Dipple have both been fitted with three bay shelters compliant with the DDA and solar LED lighting.

Strathclyde Partnership for Transport provided the roads alliance with funding and expertise for the shelter renewal programme in South Ayrshire with SPT overseeing the works.

The responsibility and ownership of the shelters still lies with South Ayrshire Council and roads alliance management. Full site audits were undertaken by SPT to identify the most appropriate type of bus shelter to be used as a replacement.