Ayr farm market

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd, sold 12 Dairy Cattle and 84 Calves & Stirks, Dairy Cattle averaged £1261.00 at Ayr market on Tuesday, December 9.

Friesian Calved Hfr: £1800 Grange of Cree £1600 Kepculloch £1500 Barleith

Freisian Hfr Stirks: £600 Meikle Laught

At the Calf Show the Championship went to Stuart Craig, Back O Wall with a B/B Hfr Calf and sold for £420 to the Judge Mr David Bryson, Reserve was a B/B Bull Calf from S Kennedy, Overton and sold for £410 to Robert Barnhills

Leading Prices (per head) Calves Bulls:

B/B: £410 Overton (Ayr) £395 Langdale £380 Tarshaw £360 Craigie Mains A/A: £270 Tarshaw

Leading Prices (per head) Calves Hfrs:

Lim: £425 Haysmuir £380 (x2) & 3360 Fowler B/B: £420 Back O Wall £375 Meikle Laught £350 Langdale AA: £310 Meikle Laught £220 Broomberry Sim: £275 Nether Braco

Leading Prices (per head) Stirks Bulls:

B/B: £500 Blackthorn Ave AA: £360 Blackwwod Fr: £340 Meikle Heateth

Leading Prices (per head) Stirks Hfrs:

Gal: £810 Meikle Heateth Lim: £550 Holm Char: £790 & £745 Barskelly AA: £340 West Cairnweil

52 Prime Cattle and Young Bulls sold.

29 Heifers averaged 237.4p/kg or £1330.06

16 Bullocks averaged 223.09p/kg or £1374.78

7 Young Bulls averaged 171.69p/kg or £943.06

The Champion animal in the yard was a homebred Lim Cross Heifer shown by A & E Vance, Bridgehouse scaling 575kgs and selling to the Judge Allan Taylor for 300p/kg (£1725). The Reserve was a Charolais Bullock shown by Mr Ian Lammie, Longhouse weighing 560kgs and selling at 330p/kg (£1848) best exhibit from the Young Farmers was a B/B Cross Steer from William McJanet, East Enoch (670kgs) and sold for 236kgs (£1581.20)

Prize List:

1st AA Steer, South Milton 228p/kg

1st Cont Steer, Longhouse 330p/kg

2nd Cont Steer, Longhouse 248p/kg

1st Cont Hfr, Bridgehouse 300p/kg

2nd Cont Hfr, Orchardton 274p/kg

3rd Cont Hfr, Hallrigg 240p/kg

1st YFC Steer, East Enoch 236p/kg

2nd YFC steer, Barneil 234p/kg

1st YFC Heifer, Skeldon Drive 252p/kg

1st Unhaltered Steer, Dykefield 225p/kg

1st Unhaltered Heifer, Dunlop Terr 254p/kg

2nd Langside 249p/kg

3rd High Threave 247p/kg

Cattle Prices outwith Prizewinners

Leading Prices (per kilo) Hfrs:

Lim: 250p Auchentibbert 246p Duchra 245p Auchentibbert 243p Dykefield & Duchra Char: 249p Dykes 244p Auchentibbert B/B: 234p & 231p Langside

Leading Prices (per kilo) Blks:

Lim: 238p & 236p Auchentibbert AA: 235p High Threave Fr: 176p High Kilbride

Leading Prices (per kilo) Bulls:

Lim: 195p High Threave Short: 186p Muirhouse B/B: 181p Burnton

232 Cast Cows & Bulls sold, all classes sold at similar rates to last week.

7 Bulls averaged 88.55p/kg

52 Beef Cows averaged 118.73p/kg

150 Dairy Cows averaged 86.31p/kg

23 Clean Cattle averaged 160.59p/kg

Bulls topped at £1230 for a Limousin off Isle Farm or 124.2p/kg, Beef Cows sold to £1500 for A B/B off Riggfoot or 192.3p/kg, Dairy Cows to £980 for Friesians off Coilsholm, East Enoch and Gateside or 130.8p/kg for an Ayrshire off Muir (Mauchline) Clean cattle £1330 for a Simmental Heifer off Threepwood or 200p/kg for the same.

Leading Prices (per head) Bulls:

Lim: £1230 Isle Farm Fr: £880 Glenside £850 Torhousemuir Sim: £840 Laigland

Leading Prices (per head) Cows:

B/B: £1500 Riggfoot B/Bx: £1050 Halfmark Lim: £1320 Barscarrow £1300 Hallrigg £1100 Balgracie AA: £1220 Quilkieston Sussex: £1050 Balminnoch Luing: £900 Glenapp Short: £870 Bargally £820 Windyedge Friesian: £980 Coilsholm, East Enoch & Gateside £940 Meadowbank £900 Muirhouse Ayrs: £850 Burnbank (Kilmacolm)

Leading Prices (per head) Clean:

Sim Hfr: £1330 Threepwood AA Hfr: £1090 & £1060 Moorpark of Barr Gal Hfr: £990 Cruggleton (Mrs Fisher) Mont Hfr: £940 Moorpark of Barr Fr Blk: £1220 Coilsholm £1140 (x2) £1070 Drongan House