Fight goes on to savé Nestle jobs at Girvan

AS the countdown continues to the likely loss of 20 jobs at the Nestlé plant in Girvan, a key meeting is being arranged in London, writes Bob Burgess.

Local MP Sandra Osborne has confirmed she has arranged to meet the company’s managing director in the city.

She told the Gazette: “I will be pressing him to reconsider the proposals with a view to retaining the maximum number of jobs in Girvan.”

Nestlé has confirmed an investment in the local plant – but at a cost. Twenty jobs are on the line and, as the Gazette revealed last week, the company appears to have ruled out any extension to the 30-day consultation process which is underway.

Ms Osborne and Councillor John McDowall have met with leaders of the trade unions involved – Owen Martin of the GMB and Peter Gibson of UNITE.

And Ms Osborne told us: “The factory manager has a target to bring costs to below that of competitors. Savings have been made in energy costs, but commodity prices have risen on sugar, cocoa and milk. They see lowering costs as essential to being competitive.”

Nestlé says its latest moves will secure the long-term viability of the Girvan plant and more than 80 local dairy farmers who supply it with milk.

When news of the possible redundancies was announced the company said work job opportunities existed at its other plants.