Latest farmers market prices


Monday, March 31

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd., had forward 2814 sheep, comprising 2310 Prime Hoggets 504 Cast Ewes & Tups. Prime Hoggets sold to a top price of 232.5p/kg for a pen of 40kgs Beltex Hoggets from A Ballantyne, Nether Shields, Strathaven with the overall average being 202.7p/kg (+ 2.4p on the week). This average included 1071 Blackface Hoggets being sold which averaged 35.6kgs per head selling to a top price of 211.4p/kg from R McFadzean & Sons, Adamcroft, Mauchline and averaging 196.5p/kg. A small show of Export Hoggets were forward again, but were easily sold and with buyers short of requirements, many more could have been sold to advantage.

Leading Prices (per head) Hoggets:

Beltex: £115 & £110 Balcaimie Texel: £109 Assloss & Balcaimie Suffolk: £109 High Letterpin & Lindsayston Beltex Cross: £108 Balcaimie £105 Balcaimie Suffolk Cross: £104.50 High Letterpin £104 Low Holehouse Continental: £104 High Letterpin & Low Drumclog Continental Cross: £104 Lindsayston Rouge: £103 Nether Shields £102.50 High Tarbeg Charollais: £102 Assloss & Lindsayston £101 Balcaimie Mule: £100 Assloss & Low Drumclog Cross: £98.50 Cloquhairnan Blackface: £95 Laigh Langcraig £91 Low Holehouse £91 Middleton (Kerr)

Leading Prices (per kilo) Hoggets:

232.5p Nether Shields 232.1p Cloquhairnan Texel: 232.1p Killochhead 231.1p Low Holehouse Suffolk: 231.0p Kirkhill 230.5p Nether Shields Beltex Cross: 230.0p Balcaimie 229.1p Nether Shields Suffolk Cross: 228.9p Nether Shields 228.8p Thornton Continental: 227.9p Mains 225.6p High Grange Continental Cross: 225.6p Carbieston Mains Rouge: 225.1p Carsloe 223.9p High Tarbeg Charollais: 222.7p Nether Shields 222.2p Nether Shields 220.9p High Letterpin Mule: 202.3p Kirkhill 200.0p Whinpark Cross: 200.0p Garpel Blackface: 211.4p Adamcroft 211.2p Muirkirk (Weir) 211.1p Laigh Langcraig

504 Cast Ewes & Tups were forward with all classes easily maintaining last weeks high prices, top price today was £147 for a pen of Texel Ewes from John Kerr, Dalreoch, Colmonell followed closely at £146 for a pen of Texel Ewes from H Andrew & Sons, South Threave, Turnberry.

Leading Prices (per head) Ewes:

Texel: £147 Dalreoch £146 South Threave Texel Cross: £143 Dalreoch £139 South Threave Continental: £135 South Threave £128.50 Craig Continental Cross: £119 Dalreoch Charollais: £117.50 Carsloe Beltex: £114.50 Laight (Guild) £110.50 Craig Suffolk: £105.50 Assloss Beltex Cross: £104.50 Laight (Guild) Rouge: £103 Blairbowie Rouge Cross: £103 Barneil & Carsloe Suffolk Cross: £102 Broadlie & Wardlaw Roussin: £101 St Murray Blueface Leciester Ewe: £100 Pebble Bank Mule: £89 Camreggan £88 Carsloe £87.50 Glenside (Knox) Cross: £86 Blairbowie £85.50 St Murray Blackface: £82.50 Craig (Paton) £77.50 Assloss & Shieldhill £73.50 Pennymore

Cast Tups sold to a top price of £128 for a pen of Texel Tups from Dalreoch Farm & Sporting Estate, Colmonell