Market prices and reports



Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd had forward 2773 sheep, comprising 1753 Prime Lambs 1020 Cast Ewes & Tups. Prime Lambs sold to a top price of 200.1p/kg for a pen of 45kg Beltex Lambs from Messrs J Dunn & Co, Martnaham Mains, Dalrymple with the overall average being 160.0p/kg (-7.9p on the week) More heavy lambs were forward today which brought the overall down.

Leading Prices (per head) Lambs:

Beltex: £90 Martnaham Mains £87 Knockterra Texel: £87 High Tarbeg £86 Martnaham Mains Beltex Cross: £85 Dykes & Low Holehouse Continental: £84 Dykes & Knockdon Suffolk: £84 Deaconhill £83 Martnaham Mains Suffolk Cross: £83 Camregan & Back O Hill Continental Cross: £83 Chapelton & Low Holehouse £82 Knockterra Rouge: £80 Oxenshaw & Chapelton Rouge Cross: £79 Camreggan £78 Lanemark Texel: £78 Langstilly & Deaconhill £77 Low Holehouse £76 Knockterra Half Bred: £76 High Tarbeg

Leading Prices (per kilo) Lambs:

Beltex: 200.1p Martnaham Mains 195.1p Dykes Texel: 187p Martnaham Mains 186.1p Chapelton Beltex Cross: 184.8p Dykes 181.3p High Tarbeg Continental: 180.5p Sorn Mains 180.4p Martnaham Mains Suffolk: 179.6p Camreggan 178.3p Knockterra Suffolk Cross: 177.3p Deaconhill 174.4p Mossend (Ayr) Continental Cross: 172.7p Knockterra 172.5p Broadshean 171.4p Burnton Rouge: 171.4p Burnhouse 171.4p Knockdon Rouge Cross: 170.5p Hartfield 170p Low Holehouse Texel: 169.6p Lanemark 169.4p Chapelton 168.9p Deaconhill 168.8p Chapelton Half Bred: 168.6p Shankston

1020 Cast Ewes & Tups were forward, all classes of ewes proved harder to cash and were all cheaper on the week. Top price today was £88 for a pen of Texel Ewes from J Hutton & Son, Laigh Corton, By Ayr

Leading Prices (per head) Ewes:

Texel: £88 Laigh Corton £84 West Auchenlongford Texel Cross: £79 Laigh Corton £78 Caprickhill Continental: £78 Laigh Boreland £76 Fullwood Continental Cross: £75 Burnton £75 Laigh Boreland Beltex: £72 Laigh Boreland & Chapelton Beltex Cross: £71 Burnbank (McMillan) £70 Martnaham Mains Suffolk: £70 Burnton Rouge: £70 Broadshean £67 Coalheughglen Suffolk Cross: £65 Caprickhill £64 Daldowie Half Bred: £63 Caprickhill Mule: £57 Baidlandhill £57 Muirston £55.50 Caprickhill Cross: £54 Castlemains, Burntn & Daldowie Blackface: £45 Kilmory £44 Dalwyne £41 Craig (Paton) £39 Craig (Paton)

Cast Rams sold to a top price of £106 per head for a pen of Texel Tups from Peter Webb, West Tarelgin



Craig Wilson Ltd, Livestock Auction Mart, Whitefordhill, Ayr had forward 4380 Breeding Sheep & store Lambs at their annual Blackface Ewe Lamb sale and Second Mule Ewe Lamb Sale. Blackface Ewe Lambs were keenly bid for and many more could have been sold to advantage. Top price today was £115 for J.W.Kay & Son, Schlenteuch, Straiton with the overall average being £77.60 (+£14.11 on the year). Mule Ewe Lambs met a steady demand selling to a top price of £98 for a pen of 30 Mule Ewe Lambs from A & W Barrowman, Mid Knockglass, Stranraer with the overall average being £82.23 (+£2.30 on the year). A larger show of gimmers were forward. Strong gimmers were keenly bid for whilst plainer bred sorts proved harder to cash. Top price today was £148 for a pen of 27 Gimmers from G Wilson, Glenhead, Girvan with the overall average being £126.93 (-£8.79 on the year). With a large attendance of buyers present for store lambs all classes were easily cleared with the top price being £69.50 for a pen of Texel Lambs from Montgomerie Farms, South Annan, West Kilbride and the overall average at £60.11 (+£1.14 on the week.)


Blackface Ewe Lambs: £115 Sclenteuch, £96 Knockdon, £91 Auldhouseburn, £91 Balrazzie, £90 Auldhouseburn, £88 Gass, Straiton.

Mule Ewe Lambs: £98 Mid Knockglass, £92 Greenock Mains, £92 Holehouse (Menzies), £91 Craig (Paton), £90 Knockgerran, £90 Knockgerran, £90 Harplaw & North Kilruskin.

Mule Gimmers: £148 Glenhead, £143 Gowlands, £141 Dalowie, £Rankinston & Gowlands, £139, £138 Rankinston, £138 Strichen Mains.

Cheviot Gimmers: £92 Seaview (Arran), £87 Brisbane Mains, Seaview.

Pure Texel Gimmers: £170 Laigh Alticane. Pure Texel Ewes: £115 North Lodge. Roussin Gimmers: £96 Knockeen. Leicester Gimmers: £112 Sorn Mains. Lleyn Gimmers: £92 Nether Barr. Blackface Gimmers: £101 Holehouse (Menzies).

Stock Ewes Mule Ewes (2crop) £112 Garpin. Stock Ewes Mule Ewes (1-2crop) £110 Garpin. Stock Ewes Texel Ewes (2crop) £106 Dalchomie. Stock Ewes Mule Ewes (3crop) £98 Garpin. Stock Ewes Lleyn Ewes (1crop) £65 Cutstraw.


Texel: £69.50 South Annan, £68 Moyne. Texel x: £64.20 Nether Culzean, £63 Bridge (Arran), £62.20 Smithston (Bothwell). Beltex: £65.20 Seaview (Arran). Suffolk: £63.50 Auchenhew, £62.50 Auchenhew. Charollais: £61.80 South Annan, £61.50 Barlaughlan. Lleyn x: £60.50 Plann (Hill). Rouge: £61 Bridge (Arran), £60 Smithston (Bothwell). Continental: £60.50 Moyne, Dalreoch, £59 Garthland. Lleyn: £61.50 Plann (Hill), £58.50 Grennan. Suffolk x Lleyn: £58.50 Nether Heliar. Beltex x: £57.50 Gowlands. Cross: £56.50 Gowlands. Roussin: £55 Dalreoch. Blackface: £37 Shawhead (Fleming).



Craig Wilson Ltd, Livestock Auction Market, Whitefordhill, Ayr had forward 3162 Sheep, compromising 2191 Prime Lambs, 971 Cast Ewes & Tups. Prime Lambs sold to a top price of 201.3p/kg for a pen of 39kg Beltex Lambs from K McIntyre, Downan, Ballantrae with the overall average being 168.5p/kg (-6.1p on the week). All Lambs proved harder to cash just as was seen at other centres towards the end of the week.

Lambs (Leading Prices Per Head):

Beltex: £96 Knockterra £90 Downan Texel: £88 Broadshean & Downan Beltex Cross: £88 Dykes (Hodge) £86 Blairbowie Continental: £86 Netherton (Semple) Charolais: £85 Caprickhill Lleyn: £85 Balluskie Suffolk: £85 Balluskie Halfbred: £85 Hartfield £84 Garfield Continental Cross: £84 Hill O’ Ochiltree Suffolk Cross: £84 Sorn Mains & Girtridge Rouge: £82 Hill O’ Ochiltree & Girtridge Charolais Cross: £81 Mid Craigton & Pennyvennie Cheviot: £81 Baidlandhill, Knockterra & Netherton (Semple) £80 High Tarbeg

Lambs (Leading Prices Per Kilo):

Beltex: 201.3 Downan 200 Hill O’ Ochiltree Texel: 195.6 Dykes (Hodge) 195.1 Sorn Mains Beltex Cross: 193.2 Balluskie 191.5 Downan Continental: 190.9 Hill O’ Ochiltree Charolais: 188.9 Caprickhill Lleyn: 188.1 East Revoch Suffolk: 188 Broadshean Halfbred: 187.2 Downan 186.7 Garfield Continental Cross: 186.7 Sorn Mains Suffolk Cross: 186.1 Enoch 185.4 Barnford Rouge: 185.4 & 184.1 Netherton (Semple) Charolais: 183.7 Dykes 183.3 East Revoch Cheviot: 182.6 Arnsow 182.5 Guiltreehill 180.5 Daljedburgh 180 Broadshean

Again a large show of ewes were forward.

Blackface Ewes met a similar trade to last week.

whilst mule ewes would be a little easier on the week. Top price today was £95.50 for a pen of Texel Ewes from A.J McFarlane, Daldowie, Girvan.

Ewes (Leading Prices):

Texel: £95.50 Daldowie £92 Laigh Boreland & Muirston £90 Brigidaleknock £86 Laigh Boreland Continental: £84 Laigh Boreland £82.50 Netherton (Semple) Suffolk: £81 Moorfield £80.50 Burnhouse Continental Cross: £80 Dykes Rouge: £79.50 Daldowie BFL: £79 Harplaw Suffolk Cross: £78.50 Shallochpark Rouge Cross: £78 Laigh Boreland & Mansfield Mains Halfbred: £77.50 Bougang £77 Netherton (Semple) £74 Blairbowie Cheviot: £74 High Tarbeg, Hill O’ Ochiltree & Moorfield Cross: £69 Burnhouse & Daldowie £66 Dykes & Muirston Mule: £65 Sorn Mains £64 High Tarbeg Blackface: £54 Rankinston £53 Pinmerry

Cast Tups sold to a top price of £105 for a pen of Texel Tups from J & D Telfer, Bougang, Girvan.