Market prices and reports


Thursday, October 24

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd, had 521 Store Cattle at their sale in Ayr, all classes sold dearer on the week.

340 Bullocks averaged 225.3p/kg or £895.25

57 Friesian Bullocks averaged 156.5p/kg or £701.23

124 Heifers averaged 208.7p/kg or £798.39

Top price of the day was £1390 for a Limousin Bullock off Limmerhaugh or 314.3p/kg for a pen of Charollais off Ceither Goaithe, Heifers topped at £1150 for a Limousin off Bowfield or 240.5p/kg for a pen of Limousins off Altonhill Friesian Bullocks to £840 for a pen off Auchenbay or 167.4p/kg off Garrockhill

Leading Prices (per head) Bullocks: Lim: £1390 Limmerhaugh £1385 Caprington £1240 Caprington £1190 Oldbarn & Barskelly £1170 Lochlands £1160 Plann £1155 Caprington £1145 Perryston £1120 Newfield £1100 £1100 North Kilruskin £1090 Littlemill Char: £1340 & £1280 Caprington £1165 Potterston £1150 (x2) £1110 Caprington Hfd: £1190 & £1110 Caprington Sim: £1120 Walston £1105 Lochlands £1100 Hillcrest £1090 Potterston £1080 North Kilruskin A/A: £1160 Dalvennan £1110 Barnahill & Balsaggart £1085 & £1050 Waslston B/B: £1040 & £1030 Balsaggart Saler: £1000 Collennan Friesian: £840 & £800 Auchenbay £780 Baltersan Mont: £860 North Two Mark Blonde: £900 Mossend (Ayr)

Leading Prices (per kilo) Bullocks: Char: 314.3p Ceither Goaithe Lim: 262.3p Limmerhaugh Hfd: 236.2p Caprington Sim: 235.1p Lochlands A/A: 234.3P Haugh Mont: 232.4p North Two Mark Blonde: 230.8p Garrockhill

Leading Prices (per head) Heifers: Lim: £1150 Bowfield £1065 Craigalbert £1040 North Kilruskin & Newfield £950 Cairnbowie Char: £1140 Rankinston £1100 & £1060 High Woodston £890 Rushaw & North Auchenbrain Sim: £960 Bushglen A/A: £950 Windyhall £935 Burnton £905 Barnahill Blonde: £880 Mossend (Ayr) Short: £850 Knockendale Sal: £805 Bushglen

Leading Prices (per kilo) Heifers: Lim: 240.5p Altonhill Char: 232.9p Craigraineach Sim: 223.5p Cairnbowie Blonde: 217.3p Mossend (Ayr) Sal: 216.4p Cairnbowie A/A: 213.5p Windyhall

Forward at Ayr Market were 1592 Store Sheep, with a good show of quality Lambs forward especially in the Blackface section all classes full maintained last week’s prices and with many buyers leaving empty handed many more could have been sold to advantage.

Top price today was £72.20 for a tremendous pen of Texel Lambs from Gonghill Farming Ltd, Auchenlngford, Sorn followed closely at £71 for a pen of Texel Cross Lambs from J & J McDonald, Auchenhew, Isle of Arran. The overall average for everything sold today was £55.77.

Leading Prices (per head) Lambs: Texel: £72.20 Auchenlongford £66.80 Auchenhew (Arran)Texel Cross: £71 Auchenhew, (Arran) Charollais: £67.20 Knockdaw Suffolk: £66.50 Altgolath (Arran) & Cairnhill (Reid) Continental: £66 Weels Suffolk Cross: £66 Auchenhew (Arran) £65.50 Burgess Croft Roussin: £65.50 Guiltreehill Cont Cross: £65 Burgess Croft Beltex: £64.50 Baligmorrie & Cairnhill (Reid) Lleyn: £63.50 Dollard (Thornhill) Beltex Cross: £62 Rankinston Mule: £60 Middleton (McIntyre) £59.80 Baligmorrie Cross: £56 Rankinston Blackface: £58 Little Tongue £56.50 Dykes (Wilson) £55 Harplaw £54.50 Altgolath (Arran)


Monday, October 28

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd, had forward 2727 sheep comprising 1724 Prime Lambs 1003 Cast Ewes & Tups. Prime Lambs sold to a top price of 204.4p/kg for a pen of 45Kg Beltex Lambs from W Kerr, Middleton, Newton Mearns with the overall average being 173.6p/kg (+ 6.6p on the week) With overall lamb numbers tighter today and with more export weight lambs on offer all classes were sharper on the week and many more could have been sold to advantage.

Leading Prices (per head) Lambs: Beltex: £92 Nether Shields £92 Middleton (Kerr) Beltex Cross: £91 Blairbowie £90 Burnton Texel: £90 Baidlandhill £90 Nether Ardroscadale (Rothesay) Texel Cross: £89 Dykes (Hodge) Charollais: £88 Rigg (Stewarton) Charollais Cross: £86 Baidlandhill Continental: £86 Craig (Paton) £85 Bonnytonmooor £85 Fowler Suffolk: £85 Clonbeith £84 St Murray Rouge: £84 Blairbowie Rouge Cross: £84 Dykes (Hodge) £84 Middleton (Kerr) Half Bred: £83 Caprickhill Suffolk Cross: £82 Mid Knockglass & Clonbeith £81 Little Creoch Cross: £77 Mid Knockglass

Leading Prices (per kilo) Lambs:

Beltex: 204.4p Middleton (Kerr) 202.2p Dykes (Hodge) Beltex Cross: 200.0p Craig (Paton) 200.0p Threepwood Texel: 195.4p Dykes (Hodge) 194.4p Wallaceton 192.7p Auchenlongford Charollais: 188.9p Bonnytonmoor Charollais Cross: 188.6p Caprickhill Continental: 187.5p Enoch 187.1p Baidlandhill 185.7p Sunnyside Suffolk: 185.4p Altewan 185.0p Catlemains Rouge: 184.2p Caprickhill Rouge Cross: 184.1p Auchenlongford 183.8p Tormitchell Half Bred: 183.7p St Murray Suffolk Cross: 182.9p Caprickhill 182.9p Oxenshaw 182.7p Tormitchell 167.0p Docherneil Cross: 166.3p Craig (Paton)

1003 Cast Ewes & Tups forward with all classes very similar to last week. Top price today was £99.50 for a pen of Texel Ewes from Messrs Brown (Barrance) Caprickhill, Kilmarnock. Heavy Ewes averaged £52.48 whilst light Ewes averaged £32.85.

Leading Prices (per head) Ewes:

Texel: £99.50 Caprickhill £97 Knockdon Texel Cross: £91.50 Dykes £89.50 Rigg (Stewarton) Suffolk: £89 Knowes (McIntyre) Beltex: £84 Dykes (Hodge) & Altewan Beltex Cross: £82 Laigh Alticane £81 Downan Suffolk Cross: £81 Downan Continental: £79.50 Oxenshaw Cheviot: £78 West Blackbyres Continental Cross: £77.50 Westlands (Currie) £77 Altewan Cheviot Cross: £75 West Blackbyres £72 Airtnoch Half Bred: £72 Keyshill £70 Threepwood Mule: £67 Cockhill £65.50 Nether Ardroscadale £64.50 Cowgrove Cross: £63.50 Roan £63 Burnton & Blairbowie Blackface: £47.50 Holehouse (Menzies) £46 Dalreoch £45 Knockdon £44.50 Gresytoneknowe

Cast Tups sold to a top price of £88 for a pen of Texel Lambs from J Murdoch & Sons, Knockdon, Straiton