Market prices and reports


Tuesday, October 29

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd, had 42 Prime Cattle & Young Bulls, trade was easier on the week.

6 Young Bulls averaged 212.95p/kg or £1401.88

2 Friesian Bullocks averaged 191.44p/kg or £1258.70

8 Beef Bullocks averaged 228.05p/kg or £1254.28

3 Friesian Heifers averaged 162.18p/kg or £921.70

23 Beef Heifers averaged 227.86p/kg or £1249.74

Top price of the day was 244p/kg for a Limousin Cross Heifers off Challochmun and Duchra or £1469.40 for a Limousin off Duchra, Bullocks peaked at 243p/kg for a Limousin off Birkentop or £1598.70 for a Charolais off Dalmoak. Young Bulls to 237p/kg for a Charolais off Duchra or £1733.10 for a Limousin off Glenturk.

Leading Prices (per kilo) Heifers: Lim: 244p Challochmun & Duchra 240p & 239p Challochmun 238p Auchentibbert 237p Duchra Char: 237p Holmes (Drybridge) 231p & 228p Langside Blonde: 233p Auchentibbert Friesian: 180p & 179p Crookedstonemuir

Leading Prices (per kilo) Blks: Lim: 243p Birkentop 242p Challochmun 240p Birkentop Char: 219p Dalmoak A/A: 197P South Ballaird Friesian: 193p Dalmoak

Leading Prices (per kilo) Bulls: Char: 237p Duchra Sim: 230p Langalbuinach Lim: 218p Glenturk

A smaller show of 10 Dairy Cattle, with all types in good demand and many more could have been sold to advantage. Top price of the day was £2180 for a very balanced Heifer off Messrs JH Ballantyne & Son, High Lawside, Strathaven, the whole sale averaged £1740.

Leading Prices: Hf Hfrs: £2180 High Lawside £2080 Boclair £2050 South Lanridge £1950 & £1920 Crumhaugh £1850 Tannockhill

64 calves and 63 Stirks sold with all types still selling well.

Leading Prices (per head) Calves Bulls: Limx: £500 Graystale £480 Lanemark £395 (x3) Lanemark £390 (x3) Knaigshill, Hallowshean & Philgowan £380 Broadhead B/Bx: £410 Bogwood £390 Craigie Mains A/Ax: £410 Graystale Simx: £390 Millands Charx: £375 Knocklaugh

Leading Prices (per head) Calves Heifers: Limx: £520 (x2) Little Airies £490 (x2) Lanemark £440 Little Airies £400 & £390 Hallowshean B/Bx: £440 Philgowan £310 Meikle Laught £300 Craigie Mains Char: £390 (x2) Knocklaugh Shx: £330 Millands Luingx: £300 Craigmine

Leading Prices (per head) Stirks Blks: Bazx: £1140 Bogside (Coylton) Limx: £945 Barrackhall £650 Camregan £590 Creochhill Bax: £590 Howcommon Simx: £570 Hillcrest

Leading Prices (per head) Stirks Hfrs: Limx: £740 Barrackhall £660 Camregan £560 Lanemark A/Ax: £500 Hillcrest £460 Graystale Char: £470 Graystale

385 Cast Cows and Bulls sold today, a plainer show for quality, trade similar.

13 Bulls averaged 116.2p/kg

180 Beef Cows averaged 110.8p/kg

192 Dairy Cows averaged 90.1p/kg

Bulls topped at £1130 for a Simmental off Common or 148.3p/kg for a Friesian off Park O’Barnaigh, Beef Cows to £1370 for a Limousin off Muirhosue or 198.3p/kg for another off the same home. Dairy Cows sold to £1150 for a Freisian off Challoch or 161.3p/kg for a Friesian off Burnton. Clean Cattle to a top of £1230 for a Hereford Bullock off Benston or 201.6p/kg

Leading Prices (per head) Bulls: Sim: £1130 Common B/B: £1000 Camrie Char: £1000 Milnmark Friesian: £890 Park O Barnaigh & Kirkhill Lim: £890 Castlemains A/A: £890 Cairnhouse

Leading Prices (per head) Cows:

Lim: £1370 Muirhouse £1200 High Kilphin £1190 Muirhouse, High Kilphin & Little Cairnbrock £1110 Lochhill B/B: £1100 Camreggan Sal: £1080 Pinmore Mains Sim: £1060 Glenturk Char: £1030 North Auchenbrain A/A: £980 & £970 Yonderton (W/K) Short: £910 Holmes Friesian: £1150 Challoch £1050 Auchencruive £970 High Threemark £960 Boclair Ayrs: £870 Kirminnoch £780 Knowe Hfd Blk: £1230 Benston B/B Blk: £980 Benston Lim Hfr: £1160 Little Cairnbrock £1100 Dalmoak A/A Hfr: £1000 Watston Fr Hfr: £1120 Langlands


Monday, November 4

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd, had 2780 sheep forward, comprising 2136 Prime Lambs and 644 Cast Ewes and Tups, Prime Lambs sold to a top price of 202.4p/kg for a pen of 42kg Beltex Lambs from Messrs T A McGill & Son, Altewan, Maybole or £95 for a Texel off Messrs J McFadzean & Co, Broadshean with the overall average being 170.1p/kg (-3.7p on the week) With Export Lambs selling very well however with a larger show of heavy Lambs forward which were more difficult to cash brought down this week’s average.

Leading Prices (per head) Lambs: Texel: £95 £90 Broadshean £90 (x2) Knockgerran & Low Drumclog £86 (x2) Nethertn & Barrance Beltex: £90 Dykes Farms £88 Whatriggs £86 Dykes Farms Charollais: £88 St Murray £81 Castlemains Suffolk: £84 (x2) Netherton & Mossend (Ayr)

Leading Prices (per kilo) Lambs:

Beltex: 202.4p Altewan 200p (x2) Meadowhead & Dykes Farms Texel: 200p Barrance 1905p Broadshean 185.9p Camreggan 184.6p Braodshean 183.3p Whatriggs Charollais: 188.9p West Brockloch 183.7p St Murray Suffolk: 182.9p Moorfield

644 Cast Ewes and Tups forward with all classes sold cheaper on the week, top price in the yard was £98.50 for a pair of heavy Texel Ewes off Messrs A Paton & Co, Craig whilst Blackfaces peaked at £50 (x2) off Messrs A & B Miller, Baidlandhill and Messrs JA McIntyre, Auchmannoch, heavy ewes averaged £51.49 whilst light ewes averaged £33.38.

Leading Prices (per head) Ewes:

Texel: £98.50 Craig £94 Low Drumclog £91.50 & £84.50 Craig £83 Lanemark Texel: £80 Maxwelston Suffolk: £80 Laigh Drumdow Beltex: £69.50 Lindsayston Lleyn: £69.50 Oldbarn Cross: £67 Mossend (Ayr) £66.50 Lanemark £64 Burnbank Cheviot: £64 Dallowie Zwarbtle: £61.50 Hartfield Blackface: £50 (x2) Baidlandhill & Auchmannoch £43 Craig £40.50 Craig

Leading Prices (per head) Tups:

Texel: £80 Knockdaw £78 Castle Gardens Cheviot: £69 Castle Gardens Blackface: £45 Dalwynes