Market prices and reports



1933 Prime and Cast Sheep sold.

1415 Prime Lambs sold, good leaner in speck lambs easily cashed with the 693 SQQ Lambs averaging 178.3p/kg, over fat Lambs harder to sell, 1415 Lambs forward averaged 171.3p/kg.

Top priced Lambs were Texels from Messrs Brown, Caprickhill at £92 Texel lambs sold to 192.2p/kg from I Watson, Keyshill.

Leading Prices (per head) Lambs:

Texel: £92 Caprickhill £88 Outmains & Fleminghill £86.50 Keyshill £85 Mossend (Ayr) £84.50 Keyshill £84 Suth Craigton & Greenridge £83 Laigh Tarbeg & Broadshean Charollais: £86.50 Keyshill £84 Castlemains Suffolk: £84 Blairbowie £83 Perryston Beltex: £80 South Craigton £78 Morrfield & St Murray Blackface: £65 Dykes £63 (x2) Grimmet Cross: £70 Outmains

Leading Prices (per kilo) Lambs:

Texel: 192.2p Keyshill 190.3p Schallochpark 189p Broadshean 187.6p Barmickhill 187.5p Broadshean 187p Altewan Charollais: 188p Keyshill Suffolk: 180.4p Perryston 178.6p Flemmyland 178.4p Perryston Beltex: 190.2p 186.1p South Craigton Blackface: 174.4p Dykes 170.3p Grimmet Cross: 161.1p Conisby

518 Cast sheep sold.

Cast sheep no dearer with over fat types cheaper, top price of £109 was paid for pure Texels from I McFadzean, Broadshean. Tups sold to £88 for Texels from J Murdoch, Fleminghill, Mule Ewes sold to £52.50 from St Murray, Burnton & Guiltreehill. Blackface Ewes peaked at £44 from A Millar, Baidlandhill.

Leading Prices (per head) Ewes:

Texel: £109 Broadshean Texel Cross: £82 Altewan Suffolk: £71 Moorfield Cheviot: £65 West Blackbyres Mule: £52.50 Guiltreehill, Burnton & St Murray Blackface: £44 Baidlandhill

Leading Prices (per head) Tups:

Texel: £88 Fleminghill Leicester: £82 Pennymore Beltex: £76 Fleminghill

Newton Stewart


1572 Prime & Cast Sheep Sold.

Lambs proved easier to cash with lean types in particular demand. The 1124 sold averaged 171.7p/kg with the 644 SQQ Lambs averaging 178.3p/kg. Heavyweight lambs sold to £90 for Texels from A Wright, Pinmore Mains. Texel Lambs from Cruise Farm, Newluce sold at 205p/kg for a pen of 16. A good show of Cast Sheep sold to £110 for Beltex Ewes from A McKay, Broughton Mains. Blackface Ewes to £43.80 from G McClymont, Cuil.

Lambs (Leading Prices Per Head):

Texel: £90 & £83 Pinmore Mains £85 Dinnans £84 High Boreland & Balligmorrie £83 Dalhabboch £82 & £81.80 Balsalloch Beltex: £82 & £80 (x3) Dinnans £81 Pinmore Mains £80.50 Carslae Charolais: £80 Pinmore Mains £77 Carslae Suffolk: £80.20 Pinmore Mains £77 High Barness £76.80 Carslae Blackface: £57.50 Barholm Cross: £74 & £70.50 Carscreugh £70 Glengyre, Balkissock, Pinclanty, Balligmorrie & Little Torhouse

Lambs (Leading Prices Per Kilo):

Texel: 205 & 199.4 Cruise 185.7 High Boreland 183.4 Holm Beltex: 197.4 Nether Cleugh 197 & 196.3 Auchleand 194.9 Carslae 192.9 Pinmore Mains Charolais: 186.3 & 184.5 North Kildarroch Suffolk: 182.9 Baltersan Blackface: 169.1 Nether Cleugh Cross: 183.3 Galdenoch 182.4 Penninghame Home Farm

Cast Ewes (Leading Prices Per Head):

Beltex: £110 Broughton Mains Texel Cross: £63 Barfad Cheviot: £59 Broughton Mains Cross: £55 Dunkeld Blackface: £43.80 Cuil



Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd, had 37 Prime Cattle and Young Bulls, all classes sold similar to last week’s trade.

21 Heifers averaged 233.4p/kg or £1288.20

10 Bullocks averaged 234.76p or £1309.95

6 Bulls averaged 222.73p or £1436.62

Top price of the day was 246p (x2) for Limousin Heifers off Blairbowie and from Duchra or £1527.60 for a Simmental off Mid Ascog. Bullocks topped at 245p/kg for a Limousin off Auchentibbert or £1552.35 for a Limousin off Challochmun, Young Bulls to 243p/kg for a Limousin off Duchra or £1761.75

Leading Prices (per kilo) Heifers:

Lim: 246p Blairbowie & Duchra 244p Oxenshaw 240p Dykes & Langside Char: 234p Burnton 232p Dykes 230p Balnowlart & Langside Sim: 228p Mid Ascog B/Blue: 25p Langside

Leading Prices (per kilo) Bullocks:

Lim: 245p Auchentibbert 239p Challochmun 238p Birkentop & Auchentibbert

Leading Prices (per kilo) Bulls:

Lim: 243p Duchra Sal: 215p Cuil

28 Dairy Cattle, 7 Bulls and 14 Heifer Stirks sold today.

9 Commercial Dairy Cattle averaged £1554.44

13 Pedigree Females averaged £2251.85

7 Pedigree Bulls averaged £2205.00

6 In Calf Heifers averaged £1205.00

14 Heifer Stirks averaged £431.43

Champion animal in the yard was a fresh calved black & white Heifer off Messrs Steel, Kepculloch and sold to 2550gns to the Judge Messrs Struthers, Boylestone, Reserve was a Bull shown by Messrs Sloan, Darnlaw and sold for 2500gns to Messrs Young, Muirhouses.

Leading Prices (per head) Pedigree Heifers:

2550gns Kepculloch 2480gns Grange of Cree 2300gns East Carngillan & Easter Coxton 2250gns Easter Coxton & Tannockhill

Leading Prices (per head) Pedigree Cows:

2250gns Kepculloch & Willoxton

Leading Prices (per head) Bulls:

2500gns Darnlaw & Milton 2400gns Milton 2300gns Park O Barnaigh

Leading Prices (per head) In Calf Heifers:

Fries: £1300 Auchleand Ayrs: £1500 Badenheath Ayrs: £1250 Auchleand

Leading Prices (per head) Heifer Stirks:

Ayrs: £680 & £480 Badenheath Fries: £460 Meikle Laught

98 Calves and Stirks sold with a poorer show for quality forward, however all types were harder to cash on the week.

Leading Prices (per head) Bulls:

Limx: £480 Graystale £355 Merkland B/Bx: £415 Larbrax £325 Larbrax £295 Kibbleston A/Ax: £385 Ardgate £350 Cairnweil Simx: £370 Drumachloy Sax: £345 Graystale

Leading Prices (per head) Heifers:

Limx: £380 Knockeen £360 Graystale £310 Drumachloy £280 (x2) Hayston £270 Drumdow B/Bx: £370 Larbrax £345 Craigie Mains £275 (x2) East St Colmac & Craigie Mains Simx: £335 Ardgate

Leading Prices (per head) Stirks Bullocks:

A/Ax: £750 Benston B/Bx: £710 (x2) Auchentiber

249 Cast Cows & Bulls sold, a better show of fed Dairy Cattle forward, trade firmer.

8 Bulls averaged 119.41p/kg

64 Beef Cows averaged 112.5p/k

147 Dairy Cows averaged 94.7p/kg

30 Clean Cattle averaged 169.5p/kg

Bulls topped at £1490 for an 
A/Angus off Main Street or 171.26p/kg