Market prices and reports



Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd, had 285 Store Cattle, all classes sold dearer on the previous sale.

144 Bullocks averaged 228.7p/kg or £952.74

23 Friesian averaged 156.6p/kg or £609.78

118 Heifers averaged 223.5p/kg or £909.00

Top price of the day was £1400 for a B/Blue Heifer off Gass, Straiton or 258p/kg for a pair of 500kgs Limousins off the same home. Bullocks peaked at £1390 for an A/Angus Bullock off the Shiel or 266.7p/kg for a pen of Charollais Bullocks off Bonnytonmoor.

Leading Prices (per head) Bullocks:

A/A: £1390 Shiel £1240 Clonherb £1195 Flemmyland £1180 Shiel £1130 Walston £1120 & £1100 Walston £1045 Walston £1040 Balsaggart Char: £1360 Hallowshean £1225 Flemmyland £1170 Bowfield £1160 Gass Lim: £1320 Pinvalley £1300 Pennyvennie £1140 Pinvalley & Flemmyland £1125 Rigghead £1060 Maxwelston £1050 Crookedstonemuir £1035 (x2) Pinvalley £1020 Maxwelston £1000 Meikle Garclaugh B/Blue: £1240 & £1160 Mid Fulton £1130 Crookedstonemuir Sim: £1220 Roan £1050 Glendoune £1035 Roan Hfd: £1130 Roan Friesian: £745 Ardwell Mains £730 Dunallan Mont: £800 Ardwell Mains Saler: £890 Broomfield

Leading Prices (per kilo) Bullocks:

Char: 266.7p Bonnytonmoor Lim: 262p Pinvalley A/A: 229.7P Walston B/B: 229.6p Mid Fulton Hfd: 226p Roan Sal: 225.3p Broomfield Sim: 227.3p Ravenscroft Fr: 171.8p Dunallan Mont: 183.9p Ardwell Mains

Leading Prices (per head) Heifers:

B/B: £1400 Gass £1315 £1110 Mid Fulton £1040 Carbieston Mains £990 Crookside Char: £1300 Mid Fulton £1290 & £1200 Gass £1080 Burnton £1065 Langhill £980 Bowfield Lim: £1290 £1220 (x2) Gass £1180 Rigghead £1130 Pennyvennie & Pinvalley £1075 Muirston £1030 Faulds £1020 Carbieston Mains Short: £1270 Auchenbay A/A: £1140 Muirston £1040 Faulds Sim: £1090 Rigghead Sal: £960 Barnford Blonde: £890 Mossend (Ayr)

Leading Prices (per kilo Heifers:

Lim: 258p Gass Char: 250p Gass 247.1p Barskelly B/Blue: 248.1p Gass Blonde: 222.8p Mossend (Ayr) A/A: 229.1p Rigghead Sim: 236.4p Mid Fulton

819 Store & Feeding Sheep

All classes of Store Lambs very easy to clear with plenty of men still short of requirements and seeking numbers. Texel Lambs sold to £69.50 for a pen from W Kerr, High Boreland and Suffolks to £69.50 from F Wilson, Guiltreehill

Leading Prices (per head):

Texel: £69.50 £69 £66 High Boreland £69 £68 Blackshaw £65.50 £65 Auchenlongford Suffolk: £69.50 Guiltreehill £63.50 Murdieston Cheviot: £64.50 Murdieston Char: £63 Oaklea £61.50 Nether Whittlieburn Lleyn: £55 Plann Down: £55 Plann Cross: £51.50 Kirrieoch Blackface: £43 Auchenlongford


Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd, had 34 Prime Cattle and Young Bulls, all classes sold at similar rates to last week.

20 Heifers averaged 226.7p/kg or £1213.63

7 Bullocks averaged 231.79p/kg or £1410.63

7 Young Bulls averaged 216.51p/kg or £1473.81

Top price of the day was 248p/kg paid twice for Charolais Heifers off Meikle Larbrax or £1547 for a Charolais off Langside, Bullocks topped at 243p/kg for a Limousin off Challochmun or £1457.90, Young Bulls to 238p/kg twice Limousins off Duchra or £1749.30.

Leading Prices (per kilo) Heifers:

Char: 248p (x2) Meikle Larbrax 242p & 240p Meikle Larbrax 240p & 238p Langside B/Blue: 245p St Murray Lim: 245p Duchra 244p Challochmun, Duchra & St Murray

Leading Prices (per kilo) Bullocks:

Lim: 243p 241p 239p (x2) Challochmun Sim: 217p Mid Ascog B/Blue: 211p Langside

Leading Prices (per kilo) Bulls:

Lim: 238p (x2) Duchra 231p South Hourat Sim: 189p Glenturk A/A: 187p Littleton

Another large show of 22 Dairy Cattle at our weekly sale, a good show for quality forward and a large attendance of buyers present made trade very firm. Top price of the day was £2150 for a very milky HF Heifer off Messrs J Boyd, Dechmont with the whole sale average £1687

Leading Prices (per head):

HF Hfr: £2150 Dechmont £2050 (x2) Howcommon & Bourtreebush £2020 Crookedstonemuir £1980 Kepculloch HF Cows: £1950 Crookedstnemuir Ayr Hfr: £1680 West Spittal Ayr Cow: £1750 Newlands

59 calves sold with all types being dearer on the week.

Leading Prices (per head) Calves Bulls:

B/Bx: £385 Bruchag £375 & £350 Meikle Finnery £375 Meikle Laught Limx: £335, £330 & £305 Keyshill £300 Altonhill Hex: £280 Altonhill Simx: £270 Graystale

Leading Prices (per head) Calves Heifers:

Limx: £360 Meikle Finnery £275 £265 (x2) Altonhill AAx: £350 & £330 Meikle Laught BBx: £330 Meikle Laught

42 Stirks sold with all types selling well

Leading Prices (per head) Stirks Blks:

Simx: £570 Rashillhouse £500 Gouknest Bshx: £500 Little Tongue Limx: £500 Stoopshill

Leading Prices (per head) Stirks Hfrs:

Limx: £685 Hallowshean Simx: £580 Rashillhouse Aax: £470 Ballcohmartin Bshx: £470 Little Tongue

238 Cast Cows & Bulls sold, bidding was more animated today which resulted Cows being easier cashed on the week.

14 Bulls averaged 118.06p/kg

86 Beef Cows averaged 116.5p/kg

105 Dairy Cows averaged 98.9p/kg

33 Clean Cattle averaged 169.9p/kg

Bulls topped at £1310 for a 13 year old Black Limousin Bull off Messrs Evans, Spittal, Beef Cows to £1580 for a British Blue off Messrs Young, Auchentiber or 205.5p/kg for another British Blue Cow off the same home. Dairy Cows sold to £1070 for a Holstein Friesian off McCulloch, West High Ardwell, Clean Cattle sold to £1380 (x2) for two Limousin Cross Bullocks both off Messrs Turner, Dalmoark or 209.1p/kg for a Blonde Cross Heifer off Messrs McCubbin, Mossend

Leading Prices (per head) Bulls:

Lim Cross: £1310 Spittal