Market prices and reports


Monday, November 25

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd, had forward 2589 sheep comprising 1830 Prime Lambs 759 Cast Ewes & Tups. Prime Lambs sold to a top price of 195.2p/kg for a pen of 42kg Beltex Lambs from A & CB Miller, Baidlandhill, Dalry with the overall average being 164.9p/kg (- 5.1p on the week) Lean Export Lambs were keenly bid for but with more heavier and thicker lambs forward the average showed less on the week with the overall weight average for today’s sale being 44kgs. Lambs today are still 12.9p per kilo dearer than the corresponding sale last year.

Leading Prices (per head) Lambs: Beltex: £88 Balcaimie & Downan Beltex Cross: £86 Muir £85 Netherton (Semple) Continental: £85 Balcaimie Suffolk: £85 Downan Continental Cross: £84.50 Brickrow £84 Gass Texel: £83.50 South Ballaird & Mossend (Ayr) Texel Cross: £83 Balluskie £82 Downan Cheviot: £82 Baidlandhill Charollais: £80 Blairbowie & Balcaimie Cheviot Cross: £80 Downan Blackface: £63 Pinvalley Cross: £64.20 Pinvalley

Leading Prices (per kilo) Lambs:

Beltex: 195.2p Baidlandhill 189.4p South Craigton Beltex Cross: 187.8p Brickrow 187.2p Downan Continental: 186.7p Gass Suffolk: 186.1p Dykes Continental Cross: 185.6p Mossend (Ayr) 184.8p Netherton (Semple) Texel: 184.2p Dykes (Hodge) 183.1p Muir Texel Cross: 182.1p South Craigton & Perryston Cheviot: 181.5p South Ballaird Charollais: 180.3p Tormitchell 180.3p Rushaw Cheviot Cross: 180.0p Moorfield (Caldwell) & Baidlandhill Blackface: 165.7p Pinvalley Cross: 156.8p Pinvalley

759 Cast Ewes & Tups were forward selling to a top price of £126 for a pen of Texel Ewes from Messrs W & CS Robb, Chalmerston, Mauchline, ewes would be easier sold on the week.

Leading Prices (per head) Ewes:

Texel: £126 Chalmerston £109 Craig (Paton) Texel Cross: £107 Chalmerston £101 Chalmerston Continental: £96 Chalmerston £90 Auchenflower Beltex Cross: £85 Dykes £80 Auchenflower Suffolk: £78 Whinpark Roussin: £75 Tormitchell £74 Arnsow Continental Cross: £72 Chalmerston Rouge: £68 Bushglen Mule: £58 Cockhill £57.50 Carlung Cross: £57 Assloss £56 Knockewart & Lanemark Blackface: £45 Knockewart £44 Craig (Paton) £41 Knockgerran

Cast Tups sold to a top price of £82 for a pen of Texel Tups from G Hutchison, Netherton, Barrhead

Tuesday, November 26

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd, had 38 Prime Cattle and Young Bulls, a better show for quality forward with trade being sharper on the week. Top price in the yard was 258p/kg for a very tidy Limousin Cross off Dykes Farms or £1727 for a pure Charolais Young Bull off Messrs Wyllie, Muirston

18 Heifers averaged 242.2p/kg or £1258.23

17 Bullocks averaged 219.4p/kg or £1320.40

3 Bulls averaged 224.4p/kg or £1668.65

Leading Prices (per kilo) Heifers: Limousin Cross: 256p Dykes 248p Challochmun 246p & 245p Duchra Charolais Cross: 252p Dykes 247p Dykes B/Blue Cross: 251p Langside

Leading Prices (per kilo) Bullocks: Limousin Cross: 244p (x2) & 243p Challochmun 230p (x2) Silverigg B/Blue Cross: 237p Oxenshaw 224p Silverigg Charolais: 230p Balnowlart

Leading Prices (per kilo) Bulls:

Limousin Cross: 240p & 237p Duchra

A much smaller offering of 9 Dairy Cattle at our weekly sale with all types maintaining recent high rates, top price of the day was £2300 on two occasions one Holstein Friesian Heifer off Messrs Cousar, Grange of Cree and another Holstein Friesian off Messrs Park, Bourtreebush the whole sale averaged £1728

101 Calves and Stirks sold with Aged Calves sold sharper on the week and young calves remain steady.

Leading Prices (per head) Calves Bulls: B/Bx: £420 Merryton £410 Wellhouse £405 Meikle Laught £400 & £390 Wellhouse £375 & £350 Merryton A/Ax: £400 Hallowshean Limx: £340 Barrochan Simx: £275 Craighead

Leading Prices (per head) Calves Heifers: Charx: £390 Dallowie £360 Wellhouse B/Bx: £350 Merryton £270 Wellhouse Limx: £350 & £330 Wellhouse £280 Dallowie Simx: £340 Bourtreebush A/Ax: £330 & £325 Meikle Laught £325 Merryton

Leading Prices (per head) Stirks Bullocks: Sax: £870 Ceither Gaoithe Limx: £860 Cloverhill £800 Ardoch (Thornhill) £750 Mid Skeog £745 & £730 Ardoch (Thornhill) £710 Artnoch

Leading Prices (per head) Stirks Heifers:

B/Bx: £880 Auchentibber £765 Langdale Limx: £810 & £785 Ardoch (Thornhill)

287 Cattle sold in the Rough Ring, Bulls were topped at £1440 for a tremendous Limousin from Messrs Neil, Kirminnoch and to 179.4p/kg for a Simmental Cross from W Hair, Meadowhead. Clean cattle sold to £1320 for a Black & White Heifer from Kerrycroy Farmers and to 219p/kg for a Simmental Steer from Messrs McAlister, Mid Ascog. Beef Cows peaked at £1280 for a British Blue Cross Cow from T Stevenson, Balcaimie and to 194.7p/kg for a British Blue from Messrs Kennedy, Overton. Dairy Cow sold to £1040 for a Black & White from High Auchensale and £1020 from Bourtreebush.

10 Bulls averaged 122.3p/kg (+3.7p/kg)

16 Clean averaged 192.8p/kg (+32.9p/kg)

152 Dairy Cows averaged 90.3p/kg (- 8.6p/kg)

109 Beef Cows averaged 120.3p/kg (+2.8p/kg)

Leading Prices (per head) Bulls:

Lim: £1440 Kirminnoch Simx: £1130 Meadowhead B&W: £980 Sloehabbert

Leading Prices (per head) Clean Cattle Steers:

Sim: £1270 £1250 Mid Ascog Lim: £1210 Silverigg B&W: £1100 Silverigg Ayr: £1070 Silverigg

Leading Prices (per head) Heifer: B&W: £1320 Kerrycroy £1200 College Farm £1190 Bourtreebush A/Angus: £1230 Birgidaleknck £1200 High Kilbride

Leading Prices (per head) Cows:

B/B: £1280 £1270 £1180 £1160 £1100 Balcaimie £1200 Auchentibber £1100 Overton Lim: £1200 Balcaimie £1070 Coalheughglen £1050 Overton Saler: £1140 Borestone £1050 Mains of Penninghame B&W: £1040 Auchensale £1020 £920 Bourtreebush £980 Perryston £950 Dechmont-

Thursday, November 21

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd, had 285 Store Cattle, all classes sold dearer on the previous sale.

144 Bullocks averaged 228.7p/kg or £952.74

23 Friesian averaged 156.6p/kg or £609.78

118 Heifers averaged 223.5p/kg or £909.00

Top price of the day was £1400 for a B/Blue Heifer off Gass, Straiton or 258p/kg for a pair of 500kgs Limousins off the same home. Bullocks peaked at £1390 for an A/Angus Bullock off the Shiel or 266.7p/kg for a pen of Charollais Bullocks off Bonnytonmoor.

Leading Prices (per head) Bullocks: A/A: £1390 Shiel £1240 Clonherb £1195 Flemmyland £1180 Shiel £1130 Walston £1120 & £1100 Walston £1045 Walston £1040 Balsaggart Char: £1360 Hallowshean £1225 Flemmyland £1170 Bowfield £1160 Gass Lim: £1320 Pinvalley £1300 Pennyvennie £1140 Pinvalley & Flemmyland £1125 Rigghead £1060 Maxwelston £1050 Crookedstonemuir £1035 (x2) Pinvalley £1020 Maxwelston £1000 Meikle Garclaugh B/Blue: £1240 & £1160 Mid Fulton £1130 Crookedstonemuir Sim: £1220 Roan £1050 Glendoune £1035 Roan Hfd: £1130 Roan Friesian: £745 Ardwell Mains £730 Dunallan Mont: £800 Ardwell Mains Saler: £890 Broomfield

Leading Prices (per kilo) Bullocks:

Char: 266.7p Bonnytonmoor Lim: 262p Pinvalley A/A: 229.7P Walston B/B: 229.6p Mid Fulton Hfd: 226p Roan Sal: 225.3p Broomfield Sim: 227.3p Ravenscroft Fr: 171.8p Dunallan Mont: 183.9p Ardwell Mains

Leading Prices (per head) Heifers:

B/B: £1400 Gass £1315 £1110 Mid Fulton £1040 Carbieston Mains £990 Crookside Char: £1300 Mid Fulton £1290 & £1200 Gass £1080 Burnton £1065 Langhill £980 Bowfield Lim: £1290 £1220 (x2) Gass £1180 Rigghead £1130 Pennyvennie & Pinvalley £1075 Muirston £1030 Faulds £1020 Carbieston Mains Short: £1270 Auchenbay A/A: £1140 Muirston £1040 Faulds Sim: £1090 Rigghead Sal: £960 Barnford Blonde: £890 Mossend (Ayr)

Leading Prices (per kilo Heifers:

Lim: 258p Gass Char: 250p Gass 247.1p Barskelly B/Blue: 248.1p Gass Blonde: 222.8p Mossend (Ayr) A/A: 229.1p Rigghead Sim: 236.4p Mid Fulton