Market prices and reports



Craig Wilson Ltd, Livestock Auction Market, Whitefordhill, Ayr had forward 1428 Prime Lambs, 434 Cast Ewes & Tups. Prime Lambs sold to a top price of 195.4p/kg for a pen of Beltex Lambs from J Gibb, Threepwood, Galston with the overall average being 170.1p/kg (-2.1p on the week). A smaller show of export lambs were forward and readily made 180p/kg upwards whilst a larger show of thicker and heavier lambs met a similar trade to last week.

Lambs (Leading Price Per Head):

Beltex: £90 North Boig £89 Martnaham Mains Suffolk: £89 Laigh Tarbeg Charolais: £88 Perryston Beltex Cross: £84 Threepwood & North Boig Texel: £83 Yonderton £82 North Boig Suffolk Cross: £82 Clonbeith Texel Cross: £81 Yonderton & North Boig Charolais Cross: £81 Clonbeith £80 Maxwelston Rouge: £80 Burnton, Yonderton, East Revoch & South Biggart Mule: £72 Mossend (McCubbin) & Carlung Blackface: £67 Middleton (Kerr)

Lambs (Leading Price Per Kilo):

Beltex: 195.4 Threepwood 191 Muirston Suffolk: 189.2 Muirston Charolais: 188.3 Boghouse Beltex Cross: 188.2 Mid Lowes 187.8 Enoch Texel: 187.6 Wardlaw 187.3 Muirside Suffolk Cross: 187.1 Baidlandhill Texel Cross: 186.3 Wardlaw 186.1 East Revoch Charolais Cross: 185.7 Pinclanty 185.4 Martnaham Mains Rouge: 185.3 Whitehill 183.3 Perryston 182.5 Stairlie 181.4 Baidlandhill Mule: 160.1 Carlung Blackface: 171.2 Middleton (Kerr)

434 Cast Ewes & Tups were forward. Overfat ewes were cheaper on the week with all other classes a similar trade to last week. Top price was £112.50 for a pen of Texel Ewes from R J Carruth, High Auchensale, Kilbarchan.

Cast Ewes (Leading Prices):

Texel: £112.50 High auchensale £108 West Blackbyre Texel Cross: £102 Martnaham Mains £97 Broadshean Lleyn: £90 Crookside Beltex: £89 Broadshean £87.50 Whinpark £87 Martnaham Mains Continental: £81.50 Auchenhew £81 Muirside Cheviot: £75 West Blackbyre £73 Castlemains Rouge: £69 Crookside £68 Drumtee £67 Martnaham Mains Mule: £57 Broadshean £55.50 Littlemill £55 Daljedburgh £54.50 Hill O’ Ochiltree Blackface: £49 Baidlandhill £47 Auchmannoch £45.50 Littlemill

Cast Tups sold to a top price of £115 for a pen of Texel Tups from R Gault, Crookside, Monkton and to £113 for a pen of Charolais Tups from J Rorison, Dallowie, Patna.


Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd, had 70 Prime Cattle forward at their Christmas Show & Sale in Ayr, all classes sold at recent high rates. The Champion animal in the yard was a very smart Limousin Bullock shown by Mr Ian Lammie, Longhouse scaling 605kgs and sold at £3.60p/kg to the Judge Mr M Hall, Frasers Butchers, Stranraer, the Reserve went to Messrs A & E Vance, Bridgehouse with a red Limousin Heifer scaling 525kgs and selling at £3.45p/kg to Messrs Tulloch Butchers, Paisley. The Young Farmers Class was won by Murray Stevenson, Balcaimie with a very correct Limousin Heifer scaling 645kgs and sold at 290p/kg to the Judge. First Prize in Young Farmers Bullock Class went to a black Limousin shown by Drew Kennedy, Perryston and sold for 268p/kg to the Judge

2 Heifers averaged 251p/kg or £1362.38

12 Young Bulls averaged 207.47p/kg or £1215.41

16 Bullocks averaged 254.27p/kg or £1512.93

Leading Prices (per kilo) Heifers:

B/B: 298P Knockrevoch 245p Langside Lim: 295p Bridgehouse 290p Cairnbowie & Balcaimie 285p Birnieknowe 270p Carnaval 262p Dykes 260p Birnieknowe Char: 275p Dykefield 272p Dykes Farm Sim: 242p (x2) Genoch Mains

Leading Prices (per kilo) Bullocks:

A/A: 295P Littleton B/B: 290P Clydenoch 272p Carnaval Lim: 288p Tormitchell 270p Glendoune 268p Perryston 265p High Tarbeg Char: 229p Balnowlart Short: 211p Mid Ascog Sim: 210p Mid Ascog

Leading Prices (per kilo) Bulls:

Lim: 235p 230p & 229p Hapland 228p Duchra Sim: 214p Hapland A/A: 192P Riggfoot Friesian: 189p Hapland

A larger show of 22 Dairy Cattle forward, with all types maintaining recent high rates. Top price of the day was £2300 for a very correct Holstein Friesian Heifer off Messrs Baird, Floors.

Leading Prices (per head):

HF Hfrs: £2300 Floors £2050 Bogwood £1750 (x2) Boclair & Shacklehill HF Cow: £1920 & £1880 Crookedstonemuir £1800 East Carngillan Ayr Hfr: £1680 Langside Ayr Cow: £1450 Langside

A large show of 95 calves with all types selling well

Leading Prices (per head) Calves Bull:

BBx: £450 £410 Meikle Finnery £390 Brocklehill £375 Over Enoch £350 Langdale £350 Heatheryhall £345 (x3) Cronnan, Auchleand & Philgowan £335 Floors £330 East St Colmac Limx: £470 Gamesland £380 Heatheryhall £370 Broadhed £360 Philgowan £345 & £340 Meikle Finnery Char: £450 (x2) Over Enoch & Laigh Sinniness £380 Heatheryhall AAx: £365 Gamesland Simx: £465 Cronnan £330 Over Enoch

Leading Prices (per head) Calves: Heifers:

Charx: £400 Laigh Sinniness BBx: £390 Aird £350 Meikle Laught £280 Bourtreebush Hex: £230 Merryton Limx: £350 Meikle Laught £330 Hayston

72 Stirks sold

Leading Prices (per head) Bullocks:

Limx: £930 Feoch £620 Wellhouse £620 & £610 KNockdon £600 Rigghead BBx: £835 Wellhouse £820 Castlemains Charx: £820 Feoch Simx: £600 Cairndoon

Leading Prices (per head) Heifers:

Limx: £1000 Castlemains £870 Hallowshean £775 Wellhouse £700 Feoch Hex: £720 Hallowshean BBx: £680 Wellhouse AAx: £660 Newfield Charx: £635 Hallowshean

65 Breeding Cattle sold at the monthly Breeding Sale today, all classes sold dearer.

2 Bulls averaged £1176

10 Bulling Heifers averaged £1222

19 Heifers & Calves averaged £1658.79

28 Cows & Calves averaged £1454.80

6 In Calf Heifers averaged £1321.66

Bulls to 1300gns for a Limousin off Deaconhill

Leading Prices (per head) Heifers & Calves:

Lim & Bull: £2150 & £2050 Kilmaurs Mains Lim & Hfr: £1950 Kilmaurs Mains £1700 South Balfern AA & Bull: £1700 South Balfern B/B & Bull: £1700 South Balfern B/B & Hfr: £1650 Chalmerston

Leading Prices (per head) Cows & Calves:

Lim & Bull: £2050 North Boig £1750 & £1700 Brownhill Lim & Hfr: £1650 Langshaw £1600 Mid Skeog £1580 (x2) Glengennet Short & Hfr: £1800 North Boig Sim & Hfr: £1650 North Boig Sim & Bull: £1500 Peacockbank A/A & Bull: £1620 & £1580 Glengennet A/A & Hfr: £1320 Glengennet

Leading Prices (per head) In Calf Heifers: Lim: £1580 Glengennet £1550 Mid Skeog A/A: £1550 Mid Skeog B/B: £1450 Mid Skeog

Leading Prices (per head) Bulling Hiefers:

Lim: £1240 Creechan Park £1220 Gateside & Whitehill


243 Cattle sold in the Rough Ring

Today’s Christmas Show Champion was a hombred British Blonde Cow from Messrs R & A Walker, Sergeantlaw Farm, Neilston scaling 870kgs she sold at £1600purchased by Mr Sean McGimpsey, Annan. First Prize Dairy Cow was bred and shown by Messrs Forrest, Townhead of Lambroughton, she scaled 875kgs and sold at £1060. Clean Cattle peaked at 213.3p/kg £1280) for a Limousin Heifer from Messrs Limond, Barskelly. Beef Cows peaked at £1520 for a Charolais from Messrs Vancee. Low Skeog and to 187.8p/kg from Genoch Mains, Dairy Cattle sold to £1150 for a black & white cow from Messrs Findlay, Longhouse. Cast Bulls to £1470 for a Simmental from Catcraig. Good fed cattle readily bid for but lean older types still harder to cash

10 Bulls averaged 125.8p/kg

14 Clean Cattle averaged 167.5p/kg

87 Beef Cows averaged 128.6p/kg

132 Dairy Cows averaged 91.2p/kg

Leading Prices (per head) Bulls:

Sim: £1470 Catcraig Char: £1400 Low Skeog Lim: £1280 Rosemount & Kirminnoch B&W: £1050 Baltersan Top 175.3p/kg Rosemount

Leading Prices (per head) Clean Cattle Steers:

Sim: £1200 Mid Ascog Lim: £1140 High Threave A/Angus: £1140 Barboigh Mont: £1030 Barboigh

Top 201.7p/kg Mid Ascog

Leading Prices (per head) Heifers:

Lim: £1280 Barskelly

Top 213.3p/kg Barskelly

Leading Prices (per head) Cows:

Blonde: £1600 £1390 Sergeantlaw Char: £1520 Low Skeog Sim: £1290 Genoch Mains Lim: £1280 Creochhill £1240 Fleminghill A/A: £1200 Riggfoot B/B: £1180 Robelle Cott B&W: £1150 Longhouse £1080 Buistonhead £1060 Townhead £1030 Burnockstone Saler: £1140 Genoch Mains