Market prices and reports


Monday, January 6

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd, had forward 1430 sheep comprising 1005 Prime Hoggets Cast Ewes & Tups. Prime Hoggets sold to a top price of 208.3p/kg for a pen of 48kgs Beltex Hoggets from M Stevenson, Balcaimie, Dailly with the overall sale average being 180.7p/kg (+ 5.4p on the week) with a smaller show forward due to the recent wet weather all classes were sharper on the week and many more could have been sold to advantage. The overall average was up 44.8p/kg compared to the corresponding sale last year.

Leading Prices (per head) Hoggets:

Beltex: £100 & £98 Balcaimie Texel: £96 Balcaimie £95 Broadshean Texel Cross: £92 Balcaimie & Back O Hill Beltex Cross: 390 High Tarbeg & Broadshean Continental: £89 Balcaimie & Clonbeith Suffolk: £88 Mossend (McCubbin) £87 Hallowchapel Suffolk Cross: £86.50 Temples £86 Mossend (McCubbin) Rouge: £86 Balcaimie & Broadshean Rouge Cross: £85 Temples & Newfield (Martin) Charollais: £85 Clonbeith & Lawhill £84.80 Muir (Watson) Charollais Cross: £84.50 Chalmerston Halfbred: £84 Blairbowie & Goldenberry

Leading Prices (per kilo) Hoggets:

Beltex: 208.2p Balcaimie 204.5p Knockdaw Texel: 202.4p Broadshean 202.3p Hallowchapel Texel Cross: 201.9p Muir 200.0p High Tarbeg Beltex Cross: 200.0p Barmickhill & Broadshean Continental: 198.8p Knockdaw 197.1p Greenridge Suffolk: 195.9p Balcaimie 195.7p Back O Hill Suffolk Cross: 195.1p Enoch (Howat) 194.1p Sandhill Rouge: 193.5p Clonbeith 193.2p Temples Rouge Cross: 193.2p Enoch (Howat) 193.0p Broadshean Charollais: 193.0p Hallowchapel 192.7p Broadshean Charollais Cross: 191.9p Carsloe Halfbred: 191.5p Burnhouse

425 Cast Ewes & Tups were forward, all classes were sharper on the week especially Blackface Ewes which would be up £5 per head on the week. Top price today was £109 for a pen of Texel Ewes from Messrs J & J Scott, Thirdpart, Skelmorlie

Leading Prices (per head) Ewes:

Texel: £109 Thirdpart Texel Cross: £94 Brockloch £93 Back O Hill & Greenside Beltex: £91 Chalmerston £89 Back O Hill Beltex Cross: £87.50 Broadshean Continental: £83 Back O Hill Lleyn: £77.50 Barnford Suffolk: £77 Back O Hill Continental Cross: £71 Fleminghill Halfbred: £66 Rankinston Mule: £65.50 Fleminghill £62 Kings Arms Cross: £61 Mossend (McCubbin) £60.50 Lawhill (McMillan) Blackface: £55 Lochgoin £53 Burnhouse & Brockloch £49 Burnhouse

A larger show of Cast Tups were forward with all classes dearer on the week selling to a top price of £120 for a pen of Blackface Leicester Shearlings from J Reid, Burnhouse, Newton Mearns

Leading Prices (per head) Tups:

Blueface Leicester: £120 Burnhouse £115 Craig (Paton) Texel: £106 Brockloch Suffolk: £104 Kings Arms

Monday, December 30

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd, sold 13 Prime Cattle 5 Cast Cows & 3 Dairy cattle.

All classes maintained recent rates

3 Friesian calved Heifers averaged £1960 and topped at £2250 for a smart Heifer off Bencloich

6 Bullocks averaged 226.26p or £1301.01 7 Heifers averaged 229.30p/kg or £1280.79

Top price of the day was 242p/kg for a Limousin Bullock off Challochmun or £1414.50 for another off the same home. Heifers peaked at 240p/kg for a Limousin off St Murray or £1414.50 for another off the same home.

Leading Prices (per kilo) Blks:

Lim: 242p 234p & 230p Challochmun Char: 230p Balnowlart B/Blue: 194p Balnowlart

Leading Prices (per kilo) Hfr:

Lim: 240p & 235p (x2) St Murray Char: 226p Balnowlart

6 Cows averaged 80.75p/kg

Sim: £750 East Moorhouse A/A: £640 East Moorhouse Fries: £450 Brocklehill

2345 sheep comprising 1791 prime lambs 554 cast ewes & tups sold. Prime lambs sold to a top price of 211.9p/kg for a pen of 42kgs Beltex Cross Lambs from M/s AB Young, Girvan Mains with the overall average being 175.6p/kg (- 5.6p n the week) The overall average was cheaper on the week due to a larger show of heavier lambs being forward with the overall weight average being 44.4kgs. Export lambs were still making 180p/kg upwards which was a similar trade to last Monday.

Leading Prices (per head):

Beltex: £95 & £94 Balcaimie Texel: £92 Balcaimie £92 High Tarbeg Charollais: £91 Greenridge £90 Carsloe Texel Cross: £89 Girvan Mains & Balcaimie Continental: £88 Balcaimie & Broadshean Continental Cross: £87 Drumullan Rouge: £86 Mossend (McCubbin) Rouge Cross: £84 Arnsow & Balminnoch Charollais Cross: £84 Mull of Galloway & Broadshean Beltex Cross: £83.50 Perryston £83 Ardoch (McDonald) Half Bred: £82.80 Broadshean Mule: £80 North Threave Cross: £76 North Threave Blackface: £75.20 Upper Wellwood & Knockdon £74.20 Gass

Leading Prices (per kilo):

Beltex: 211.9p Girvan Mains 202.5p Yonderton Texel: 200.0p Balminnoch 195.4p Arnsow Cahrollais: 192.5p Knockgerran 191.6p Knockgerran Texel Cross: 191.5p Carsloe 191.3p Mid Craigton Continental: 190.5p Girvan Mains 189.8p Perryston Continental Cross: 189.1p Drumullan Rouge: 188.8p Broadshean Rouge Cross: 188.0p Balcaimie 187.9p Girvan Mains Charollais Cross: 187.6p East Revoch 187.5p Kings Arms Beltex Cross: 186.1p South Ballaird 185.9p Barneil Half Bred: 185.7p Knockgerran Mule: 170.9p Girvan Mains 167.1p Perryston Blackface: 179.4p Baidlandhill 177.3p Lagg

554 Cast Ewes & Tups were forward, top price today was £108 for a pen of Texel ewes from A Currie, Fisherton, By Ayr heavy ewes met a similar trade to last week whilst Blackface ewes were easier on the week.

Leading Prices (per head):

Texel Ewe: £108 Fisherton £90.50 Fisherton Texel Cross: £88 Longhouse £87 Holms of Caaf Continental: £87 Kings Arms £86 Holms of Caaf Continental Cross: £86 Ardoch (McDonald) Half Bred: £73 Ardoch (McDonald) Suffolk: £71 Holms of Caaf £70 Holms of Caaf Charollais: £69 Drumtee £67.50 Crookside Rouge: £67 Kings Arms £66 High Tarbeg Rouge Cross: £62 Broadshean £61.50 Mid Craigton Charollais Cross: £61 Perryston & Holms of Caaf Mule: £60 Girvan Mains £57 Mull of Galloway Cross: £56 Drumullan £55 Drumdow Kings Arms £54 Girvan Mains Blackface: £50 Knockgerran £47.50 Lochgoin

Cast Tups sold to a top price of £91 for a pen from R Gault, Crookside, Monkton.