Market prices and reports


Tuesday, March 11

M/s Craig Wilson Ltd sold 16 Prime Cattle. All classes maintained last week’s rates. 1 Bullock Averaged 215p/kg or £1354.50. 15 Heifers Averaged 213.4p/kg or £1179.49. Top price of the day was 227p/kg for a Limousin Heifer off Auchentibbert or £1281.15. Bullocks sold to 215p/kg off Breakough or £1354.50 for the same.

Heifers (Leading Prices Per kilo):

Limousin: 227, 225 & 222 Auchentibbert Aberdeen Angus: 225 Breakough Charolais: 221 & 219 Balnowlart British Blue: 219 Balnowlart B & W: 155 Low Dallars

Bullock (Leading Price Per Kilo):

Limousin: 215 Breakough

28 Dairy Cattle at the March sale of Holstein/Friesian sale kindly sponsored by Genus and ably judged by Mr Alistair Watson, Laigh Tarbeg. Champion animal in the yard was a very correct calved heifer shown by M/s Telfer, High Branchal and selling at 2700gns to the judge. The five pedigree heifers averaged 2250gns. Bulls sold to 2900gns from M/s Armour, Milton. Commercial Dairy Cattle were a poorer show for quality with better sorts maintaining recent rates. 22 Dairy averaged £1483.60 and sold to a top of £2050 for a Friesan calved Heifer off Floors, Eaglesham.

Pedigree Heifers (Leading Prices):

2700gns High Branchal & Tannockhill 2200gns Bogwood

Pedigree Bulls (Leading Prices):

2900gns Milton

Commercial Heifers:

£2050 Floors & Bencloigh £1850 Straid & Floors

Commercial (Cows):

Friesian: £1700 Crookedstonmuir £1580 South Lanridge Ayrshire: £1580 (x2) & £1550 Heighton

134 Calves & Stirks sold with calves selling to recent rates while stirks selling dearer on the week.

Bull Calves (Leading Prices):

Limousin: £490 Drumachloy £445 Nether Allfleck £375 Ardgate £315 & £310 Drumachloy £300 Hayston Aberdeen Angus: £390 (x4) Holmes, Dalrymple £350 (x2) Meikle Laught Simmental: £320 Bourtreebush Fleckviech: £305 Drumachloy British Blue: £280 Macnairston

Heifer Calves (Leading Prices):

Aberdeen Angus: £380 (x2) Holmes, Dalrymple £345 Overton £325 Meikle Laught £255 Nether Allfleck Limousin: £320 Meikle Laught £325 Drumachloy £300 Marshall £280 Hayston £270 Ardgate £250 high Tarbeg £220 Nether Allfleck British Blue: £290 Macnairston £240 Brockellhill

Bullock Stirks (Leading Prices):

Charolais: £940 Pinminnoch Limousin: £940 Haysmuir Shorthorn