NFUS to monitor ‘Scotch’ meat labels

NFU Scotland is building on its successful ShelfWatch campaign to look specifically at the availability of Scottish meat on Scottish retailer shelves.

One year on from when horsemeat was discovered in processed products incorrectly labelled as containing beef, the union is looking to build on Scottish consumer support for products clearly identified as being “Scotch” or Scottish that emerged from that debacle.

Under its ShelfWatch work, the union has been examining retailer shelves, looking at support for Scottish and British produce.

That work is now being extended to ScotchWatch to track retailer commitment to making sure beef, lamb, pork and chicken from Scottish farms is 
labelled as being Scottish. This will involve NFU Scotland representatives checking retail shelves on a monthly basis.

Initial results of ScotchWatch are encouraging but also highlight that there is considerable scope for 

NFU Scotland president Nigel Miller said: “The Scottish public’s support for Scottish farmers and their produce during the ‘horsegate’ debacle was resolute and a massive vote of confidence in the assurance and traceability systems that we have in place in Scotland.”