Officials visit flood-hit farms

NFU Scotland president Nigel Miller joined officials from the Scottish government and Scottish Environment Protection Agency on a fact-finding visit to flood-affected farmland in south-west Scotland last week.

The union has been in discussions with both parties on watercourse management following significant flooding issues in several parts of Scotland.

Many individual farmers experienced significant damage and losses in one of the stormiest winters in parts of Scotland. The union has several cases on file from members showing the stark impact of exceptional flooding and tidal surges on farmland.

The union has been receiving calls from members hit by flooding since late December 2013 and the number now affected by the high rainfall is increasing.

The delegation visited farms in the Dumfriesshire area.

The purpose of the meeting was to view the damage being incurred, identify what remedial works can be carried out and by whom, clarify the regulatory requirements in this area and start to map out the cost that repairs may involve.

The union hopes to make further progress on the issue next week.