Top hogget price of 208.9p

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd, had forward 1942 Sheep, comprising 1397 Prime Hoggets 545 Cast Ewes & Tups.

Prime Hoggets sold to a top price of 208.9p/kg for a pen of 45kg Texel Hoggets from Messrs J & K Forsyth, Lochlands, Maybole with the overall average being 177.1p/kg (+ 0.6p on the week)

This average included 509 Blackface Hoggets which sold to a top price of 180.0p/kg for a pen of 40kg Hoggets from Messrs JW Kay & Son, Gass, Straiton and averaged 172.3p/kg

Leading Prices (per head) Hoggets: Texel: £76 St Murray & Knockterra Texel Cross: £94 St Murray & Sorn Mains Beltex: £94 Laigh Tarbeg & Drumsuie Beltex Cross: £94 Lochlands £93 Hill of Ochiltree Sfk: £92 Drumsuie £91 Sorn Mains Cont: £91 Laigh Tarbeg & Muir Cont Cross: £91 Lindsayston £90 Broadshean Rouge: £90 Lochlands & North Boig Rouge Cross: £89 Dalfask & Broadshean Halfbred: £88 Gass & St Murray Charollais: £88 Knockterra £87 Hill of Ochiltree Blue Texel: £87 Whitehill £86 Laigh Tarbeg Blue Texel Cross: £85 Whitehill & Lochlands Bf: £78.50 Gass £76.50 Baidlandhill & Upper Wellwood £76 Little Blackdyke Mule: £83 Knockgerran £78 Knockgerran Cross: £73.50 Hill of Ochiltree £71.50 Hill of Ochiltree

Leading Prices (per kilo) Hoggets: Texel: 208.9p Lochlands 207.1p Hill of Ochiltree Texel Cross: 204.9p Perryston 200.1p St Murray Beltex: 200.0p Knockterra 197.9p Hill of Ochiltree Beltex Cross: 197.8p Muir 195.8p Sorn Mains Sfk: 195.2p Thornton 194.9p High Kilbride Cont: 194.2p St Murray 193.6p Sorn Mains Cont Cross: 193.3p High Grange 193.1p Muir Rouge: 192.6p St Murray 192.6p Middleton (Hamilton) Rouge Cross: 192.5p Knockterra 191.9p High Grange Halfbred: 190.7p Mid Floak 190.5p Sorn Mains Char: 190.5p Middleton (Hamilton) 190.4p.