Caddies morale rock bottom at Turnberry

Caddies at Turnberry Golf Course say they are treated like third class citizens by the management company responsible for the day-to-day running of the world famous resort.

An inside source at Turnberry told the Carrick Gazette that caddies are among the worst paid anywhere in the country and have to put up with a lack of facilities.

And they blamed management company Starwood who have been responsible for running the course for the past 15 years.

Morale among the caddies has now hit an all-time low after the old lockers from the refurbished clubhouse were sold after being promised to the caddies to replace their delapidated lockers.

The source, who did not wish to be named, said: “When the clubhouse was renovated, we were promised the old lockers from the clubhouse. But now they have been sold. It’s a bit unfair. they way they treat the caddies is pretty shocking. We have nothing now, the caddyshack is a pigsty. They promise us everything out here and there is not a thing being delivered.

“They charge £5 per bag, which comes out of our £40 fee. Which when you think its around four hours for an average round, it isn’t much. We’re among the worst paid anywhere in the country.

“That doesn’t go towards paying the caddymaster, it goes straight to the hotel. The morale is at an all-time low. It’s about time people knew what’s going on. We are treated like third-rate citizens.

“The facilities in the caddyshack are a disgrace and they won’t even provide us with waterproofs.

“They haven’t provided us with any facilities or upgraded the caddyshack or anything. it’s not been renovated for many, many years. Most of the lockers are not secure and the outside door is always open.”

The source claimed that £50,000 went to the hotel from the caddie’s fees last year.