Cafe team commended

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The Agnew Park Cafe project has been awarded a Certificate of Achievement at the Scottish Business Diversity Awards 2012.

The Activity and Resource Centre (ARC) in Stranraer set 
up a small cafe in Agnew Park 
10 years ago with the aim of pro-
viding training and qualifica­tions in catering and hospitality to boost employment for adults with learning disabilities.

Chairman of Social Work Services Committee, Councillor Andy Ferguson, said: “Very well done to all those involved in achieving this. It is important to 
make work and training oppor­tunities accessible to everyone and the cafe does exactly that. Giving help to people who need additional support is a priority for our council. ”

The cafe has been running successfully for 10 years and has provided an excellent service to the local community and the visitors who come to the area, many of the holidaymakers returning year after year.

The ARC, working with others in Social Work Services and with the John Niven College, has been able to provide people with training to gain skills and qualifications in food hygiene, food preparation, health and safety, moving and handling, and customer service.

Some people remain as a core group at the cafe, while others use their new skills to gain employment in the community.

The Supported Employment Service nominated the cafe project for the Scottish Business Diversity Awards in relation to the work in providing work-based employment training at the cafe for young school-leavers with learning disabilities.