Candidate meets Ballantrae GP staff

Carrick’S Scottish parliamentary candidate Adam Ingram met with doctors and staff at Ballantrae Medical Practice to discuss a campaign to protect dispensing GP services.

Local dispensing GP practices, patients and the Dispensing Doctors’ Association (DDA) have joined forces for the campaign, which highlights the services provided by dispensing practices to rural communities and the potential consequences of withdrawing them. The DDA is campaigning to ensure that new NHS regulations, which took effect on April 1, do not have a negative impact on dispensing GPs in rural communities.

Adam Ingram said: “I was delighted to visit Ballantrae Medical Practice to discuss the surgery’s work and listen to the views of staff and doctors.

“The practice provides a valuable service to the local community. It’s clear that the dispensing income is very important in providing a range of services and there is real concern that these may be lost if dispensing funding is withdrawn.”

Hal Maxwell, of the DDA in Scotland, said: “All those involved in the campaign realise how much rural communities rely on dispensing GP practices and we are committed to protecting these services for patients.

“We understand that community pharmacies can, in certain circumstances, play a role in the delivery of care to patients.

“But if community pharmacies are to open in the same area as dispensing practices, funding arrangements for GP practices must be amended so that they can continue to deliver vital services to their patients.”