Car cameras installed in bid to crackdown bad A714 drivers

A community council who had grown tired of bad driving on their main road through their village have decided to do something about it.

Pinwherry and Pinmore Community Council have purchased in-car cameras after receiving many complaints from residents and visitors to the area about bad driving on the notorious A714 Girvan-Newton Stewart road which runs through Pinmore and Pinwherry.

The community council say that there are now more and more incidents of bad and careless driving by drivers of heavy good vehicles, vans and cars using the A714, but people are unable to get a clear sight of the vehicle’s registration plate in order to report the incident.

Now in car cameras have been installed in several of the community councillors vehicles so these incidents can be recorded instantly.

A spokesperson for the community council said: “Many locals and visitors have met large vehicles on the bends and bridges on the A714 and have had to take avoiding action to prevent an accident. And due to the speed of the incident they are unable to take note of the offending vehicles registration number.

“The A714 was never built to take today’s heavy traffic usage and on the bends when two lorry’s pass each other one of them has to use the grass verge leaving deep and dangerous ruts.

“Community Councils has CCTV cameras on Pinwherry Bridge to enable resident’s safe crossing of this bridge which has no foot path and to prevent recurring damage to the bridge.”

The Community Council do also streess incidents of bad driving should be reported to the police.

“If people have information regarding bad driving incidents they should report this to the Police.”