Car park plan for Barrhill going ahead

The site of the proposed car park in Barrhill
The site of the proposed car park in Barrhill

A planning application for a car park in Barrhill which was withdrawn last week will be re-submitted with changes made.

Barrhill Community Interest Company said this week that it would resubmit an application after making changes to the barriers and height restrictors at the car park.

The previousplanning application drew 28 objections objections from Barrhill residents and community organisations.

Residents thought that the proposed structure, which included a walkway, solar panels, and a locked barrier with height restriction, was unnecessary, too expensive, and would detract from the beauty of the village.

The proposed community car park was to be on land south west of the A714 between the primary school and the memorial hall.

The community interest company plan to have height restriction barriers and security gates at the entrance and exit to the car park and a canopied walkway and support for solar panels.

A statement of objection from Barrhill Memorial Hall Community Association said: “The car park is a welcome development for the village but the addition of a covered walkway and solar panels is totally unacceptable and unnecessary. It will be an eyesore in our village.

“The use of gates will cause more problems if vehicles have to stop to open and shut gates, there is the chance of an accident happening.

“As other objectors state all we need is a car park with an entry and exit gate.

“With the plans for the school to build a new purpose built hall the school children will no longer be using the memorial hall on a regular basis, therefore there is no need for a covered walkway between the school and hall.

“If additional lighting is required surely a more discrete solar panel system is available to be placed at the rear of the car park.

“We do not need a floodlit car park the existing street lights may well be enough.”

A statement from Barrhill Bowling Club said: “The gantry-like construction holding solar panels is completely unacceptable for three reasons; one, it would be an unnecessary visual intrusion, not in keeping with its surroundings, two, a covered walkway, if this is what it is supposed to be, is now not wanted as the schoolchildren will not be needing to use the memorial hall now that they are getting improved facilities at the school. and, three, if the solar panels depicted upon it are for production of power for lighting the car park, a much neater and less obtrusive method can be found and there should be no need for lighting at all as the car park is by the road with full and adequate street lighting already in place.

However Louba Hodgkinson, chair of the community interest company said: “The car park is going ahead and a new application will be put in stressing that the height restrictors and gates are a health and safety feature.

“The gates prevent people from walking into the flow of traffic. It will help kids - they can’t go through into the car park.

“The height restrictor is to keep larger vehicles out, we don’t want big lorries and other things, it’s a car park.

“The solar panels are to power the night-lighting which will be needed when people come of events at night.”