Carrick author publishes third book

Girvan author Sadie Reid is becoming something of a prolific writer.

That’s because she’s recently published her third novel in just over a year.

Sadie has lived in the town for the last twenty years and is a lifelong Carrick resident.

She grew up in Maybole’s Auchenwynd’s small holdings and also worked at Gardenrose primary for 21 years.

Her latest book ‘Unscrewed’ was released on Amazon earlier this month and can be downloaded to your Kindle device as an e-book for just 77p.

The book is yet another crime thriller and the murder incident that takes place in Sadie’s latest book is set on the regular Girvan-Ayr bus service.

Sadie didn’t want to give too much away about the plot but says that romance is also involved whilst the detectives try to solve the murder on the bus.

Sadie was 76 last year when she published her first book ‘Murder at the Tannery’ which was inspired by her father’s involvement in Maybole’s legendary leather making industry.

Sadie had always been a very avid author but up until last year she had not found any publishers willing to take her work on.

With that in mind, she decided to take matters into her own hands and she decided to self-publish after buying a Kindle device in 2012.

She was delighted in February last year when she managed to get ‘Murder at the Tannery’ onto Amazon’s online service.

She said: “When I read it I had a kind of glow and thought, ‘I have actually done it! My words are in print!”

“You don’t really appreciate it until you see it in print and it was only when I downloaded it on to my Kindle and read it myself that I thought, ‘This is actually not bad; I’m quite proud of it’.”

Her second novel was published in July last year and was entitled ‘Body in a Bag’ and was a crime novel set in Girvan, although in the book Girvan isn’t mentioned.

That book resolved around art classes at a college after one of the art teachers found a body washed up on a beach.

Sadie has attended Swanwick writing summer school in Derby for the last few years and said last year she wouldn’t have imagined self-publishing a book at her age.

“But life goes on and for how long you just don’t know at my age.”

Sadie writes under the pseudonym Sarah Wallace which is a tribute to her late husband Wallace Reid.

You can download Sadie’s latest crime thriller novel ‘Unscrewed’ by going onto