Carrick brand tackling waste

Zero Waste Scotland has teamed up with renowned Ayrshire Butchers We hae meat, as it reveals the shocking statistics around meat needlessly thrown out by families in Scotland.

Figures show that Scottish households waste 2,900 tonnes of beef, the equivalent of 26 million burgers, each year. And when food waste from Scottish homes is ranked in order of the value of the food thrown away, meat and fish are at the top of that list. An astonishing £190 million worth is being thrown away each year. Beef, lamb, pork and poultry waste alone comes to a mighty 22,000 tonnes, worth £140 million.

Reducing avoidable food waste could save every household in Scotland up to £460 a year. Zero Waste Scotland’s Love Food Hate Waste campaign provides tips and practical help so that people can stop wasting so much good food. To give families fresh ideas to help them love their leftovers and make the most of their meat, thereby saving money and helping the environment, Love Food Hate Waste has joined forces with Ayrshire butchers We hae meat, quality assured Scottish beef farmers.

Carlyn and Alex Paton, of Cairnhill Farm, Ayrshire, who founded and own the successful brand, have teamed up with Love Food Hate Waste to exclusively reveal their favourite family recipes that can help us love our leftovers and make the most of our meat.

The mouth-watering recipes include: an easy spiced beef casserole, sausage and cheesy mash croquettes and nutty pork meatballs and can be found on the Love Food Hate Waste website (

Carlyn said: “Beef is a very versatile meat – there are lots of different cuts and joints to choose from, which is why it remains very popular. There are also lots of way to make it go further through using up leftovers, utilising unused portions in a wide range of recipes or freezing it for future use, so there’s no real excuse for wasting it if you have some that hasn’t been used up.

“By speaking to your local butcher, on the high street or in a supermarket, you can make sure you buy the best type and quantity of beef to suit your needs, get advice about preparation and storage, and ensure you get the best value for money.

“We think the Love Food Hate Waste campaign is a great idea and we’re right behind it.”

Ylva Haglund, food waste campaign manager, Zero Waste Scotland, said: “Our research has shown that despite our love of beef in Scotland, we still throw away millions of pounds worth every year, with an equivalent weight to 26 million burgers, or the weight of 13 million steaks, in Scotland.”