Carrick Gazette Comment - Dig deep to support the young ones

JUST this week a nationwide survey has revealed that Scottish people, far from living up to the totally scurrilous reputation for being a race of pennypinchers, are now recognised as being the most generous in the British Isles when it comes to supporting worthy causes.

And it comes as no suprise to see that the fine, long-standing tradition is being continued in Carrick by a new generation of up-and-coming philanthropists.

Young people at the Z1 Youth Bar in Girvan are, once again, organising the popular Gig on the Green, providing free music during the town’s civic week.

They are setting a good example in doing their bit to make the event a success but need our help if the £1,000 target is to be reached.

In a letter on this page one of the young organisers, Lucy O’Donnell, spells out the importance of the project for residents and visitors alike.

And while the young folk understand that times are tough with regard to corporate finances, they are hoping that businesses can be persuaded to dig deep in a worthwhile cause.

Z1 has worked wonders in creating a safe haven for our children, offering a healthy and positive alternative to hanging about on the streets.

Now’s the time to show our appreciation by helping out!