Carrick Gazette editorial: £4m is great news for Girvan pool

The news this week that South Ayrshire Council remain committed to providing £4m towards the new leisure and community facility for Girvan and South Carrick is to be warmly welcomed.

With the costs coming down to £5m earlier this year there were genuine concerns that South Ayrshire Council would not provide £4m.

That they have decided to do so means that the project can drive ahead with fresh impetus and plans for the £1m that is required to be raised by the community are progressing very well.

As reported this week, the bid submitted for £250,000 to the Scottish Government’s Capital Regeneration Fund has moved forward to stage two.

That is another step in the right direction and people in Girvan and South Carrick should be positive about seeing a new leisure facility become a reality in two years.

The work put in by Andrew Sinclair, the Chair of SCCL and others on his board have ensured the plans have got to this very exciting stage.

Community support has been key throughout this project and it is vital that it continues to show to major funders that this is a well backed project.

The council are still rightly criticised for the way they shut Girvan Swimming Pool in 2009, but they have put their money where their mouth is to the tune of £4m.

Let’s show them, the funders and the people who doubt this will ever happen that it will happen by ensuring that the £1m is raised.

That can be done by doing little things such as joining the 50/50 club and helping sponsor events such as the quiz day on Sunday 20th July at Woodlands Bay Hotel.

This is a facility that will provide a huge boost to the regeneration of Girvan and the South Carrick area as a whole.

The dream is within the community’s grasp now.