Carrick Gazette editorial comment

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The situation facing many families on benefits in south Ayrshire today is nothing short of scandalous.

As we report on page one Carrick’s local MSP, Adam Ingram, says that he is dealing with parents who are facing a situation of not being able to pay rent or feed their children because they have been wrongly sanctioned by the Government’s work programme.

He states that these ‘harsh and unreasonable’ effects on people are the result of the UK Government’s squeeze on welfare budgets and that these sanctions have risen dramatically in the past year.

To have a situation in Scotland in the 21st century where parents are unable to feed their children and face homelessness as a result of these moves by Government is nothing short of appalling.

The rise in the number of people using the recently introduced food banks in this area is another indication of the poverty facing many people.

The fact that many of these sanctions are overturned on appeal shows that they are unjustified in the first place.

The UK Government must look at its policy on this issue again, to have young children in south Ayrshire starving and facing homelessness is surely to high a price to pay for any austerity policy they may have.

At the McKechnie Institute in Girvan this week you can see two new and wonderful exhibitions.

The Girvan folk festival is celebrating 40 years next month and in the institute you can see materials and photographs from festivals in years gone by to whet the appetite for this year’s event starting on May 2. Also at the McKechnie is a chair thought to have connections with King Robert the Bruce, who of course has many connections to the Carrick area.

Go along this Easter and have a look at these wonderful exhibitions right on your doorstep.