Carrick Gazette editorial comment- Festival spirit is alive and well

A big congratulations are in order to everyone involved in the organisation of the Ballantrae Smugglers Festival this week.

This event showcased community spirit in Carrick at its very best with the village of Ballantrae showing wonderful support for the Smugglers Festival from Monday last week to the fantastic finale of the fayre on Saturday.

This was the second event after its inaugural outing in 2013 and this year’s event has proved to be even more popular and better than before.

That is testament to the amount of preparation put in by key figures in the community in the months leading up to the festival to make sure everything ran smoothly.

And all those involved were volunteers.

There was truly something for everyone over the course of the six day festival with school kids from the nearby primary schools getting involved in the Smugglers Trails whilst there was also poetry, music, film screenings and smuggling stories before the village fayre was held on Saturday. You can see fantastic pictures from the event on pages 16-17 of this week’s Gazette. The Gazette was also more than happy to be involved in the creative writing competition of this year’s festival.

The Gazette is sure that this is a festival that will be here for a long time to come.

To put it mildly Girvan FC haven’t had the best of starts to the season losing all five games in the League Cup.

Times are extremely tough right now for the Hamilton Park men with manager Billy Thomson pulling on the boots at the age of 49. But it isn’t time to lose faith with Girvan FC. They need your support if they are going to start picking up points and wins. Junior football goes in cycles and teams like Hurlford struggled not that long ago. With local support Girvan can rise again.