Carrick Gazette editorial- give centre its real potential

The people who help out in the Glendoune Centre in Girvan are to be highly commended for the work they do on a daily basis with the children of that area.

There is no escaping the fact that the Glendoune Area is one of the most disadvantaged in the town.

However, the work done by the community association and those who work at the Glendoune Centre gives these children real opportunities and the chance to take part in activities they have never experienced before.

However, they are now facing an arguably even bigger battle.

The group wish to expand their building use as with around 40 kids now using the centre, it simply isn’t big enough.

What they thought would be a simple solution to use the building adjacent to the centre is starting to turn into a nightmare.

They wish to have this building brought into community use to allow the kids to have somewhere more substantial to go in the winter as well as enjoying activities like boxing, table tennis and a DJ, all of whom are lined up.

A barrier is in their way though in the shape of a prominent local businessman who has allegedly not paid rent to the council for two years as well as refusing to remove the property from the vacant property.

The Glendoune Centre area in Piedmont Road has so much potential and if put to proper use could not only be used by the children, but also adult groups as well.

This is a situation where common sense has got to triumph sooner rather than later.

The community association are at their wits end over what to do and it would be a real shame if children weren’t allowed to experience some more fantastic activities.

It is high time that this situation resolved itself before it goes on any longer.

By coming to agreement, the work in the Glendoune Area can be even better.