Carrick Gazette editorial- Hospice do incredible work

The 25th anniversary annual overview published by the Ayrshire Hospice this week highlights the fantastic work this organisation does in caring for our communities, year in, year out.

One remarkable statistic which leaps off the page is that it costs £7.2 million to run the hospice services every year - that equates to around £19,700 every day.

Another amazing statistic is that fundraisers from the Ayrshire community provided an incredible £5.7 million last year in donations.

As the overview states it is their dedication which allows the hospice to continue to provide its patient-centred service.

And it cannot be stated enough just how important that service is. Anyone who has had a relative or loved one use the service will of course know how important this care is.

The hospice provides an outstanding quality of care and services which helps those with any life limiting illness.

Care is provided where there is no cure for a condition, but which improves the quality of each day for people who have a limited time to live.

The Ayrshire Hospice helps people to live as actively as they can to the end of their lives - however long that may be, whereever that may be.

So if you can give to the hospice, or you want to do some fundraising, do not hesitate, as the service that it provides means so much to those who receive it.

And last year there were 403 referrals from South Ayrshire alone.

Over 305 referrals overall were for patients 65 years and under, 90 referred patients had a non-cancer diagnosis and 3066 day service places were allocated.

There were 4448 visits made to patients in the community, 795 referrals were made to the hospital palliative care team and 2757 review visits were made by the hospital palliative care team.