Carrick Gazette editorial: It’s time to move Scotland forward

The independence referendum has shown what can happen when people truly engage in the political process and are extremely passionate about wanting a particular outcome to succeed.

Of course there are people across Scotland and here in Carrick who are disappointed with the result.

That is only natural after any election and none more so in a historic independence referendum where so many people fought valliantly to promote the benefits of voting Yes.

However, in the end the democratic vote showed that 55% of voters in Scotland wanted to remain within the United Kingdom.

Feelings are still raw but now is the time for people to continue their major engagement in the political process to ensure that “The Vow” that was made by the three main party leaders in Westminster is upheld and is delivered on time.

Only then, can voters from both sides truly believe that they have achieved something from the outcome of the independence referendum.

The referendum campaign was a long and arduous one that lasted over two years and at times passions did run too high on both sides.

But a turnout which approached 85% across the country including a figure of 86.1% in South Ayrshire shows the potential for high turnout when people believe that their vote truly does matter.

The next major election is for the MPs in Westminster in May 2015. One of the big arguments during the campaign from the Yes side was that Scotland didn’t get the Governments they voted for.

With a higher turnout, that obviously becomes more possible.

The disappointment is understandable as is the joy from those who voted No.

Now is the time for everyone in Scotland to work together to ensure that we get a fair and just society for everyone across the land.

The time has come to move the country forward.