Carrick Gazette editorial- New school is great news for Girvan

The news that a new school is to be built for the pupils and staff at Invergarven Primary in Girvan is terrific news for the Gazette to be able to report on so close to Christmas.

The new school, which will be built within the next three years is set to ensure that the children who attend Invergarven will get an even better education in a building fit for purpose in today’s modern world.

The decision by South Ayrshire Council to set aside over £3.7m for the new Invergarven school build should be applauded by all in the area.

Staff, parents and pupils alike continue to work wonders to ensure that the school is regularly lauded by inspectors, visitors and indeed ourselves in the press.

The building is no longer fit for purpose and it is a smart decision to ensure that this situation won’t continue for any longer than is necessary and those associated with Invergarven are sure to be excited to see the full plans for the new build.

Adding this to the news of new builds at Barrhill Primary and Kirkmichael Primary this year and that a new school will be in place in Dailly in the next two years, then the council are showing a commitment to rural schools.

However, the Gazette does share the concerns expressed by Maybole councillors during the budget discussions about the lack of action on Carrick Academy.

Whilst there is a case for a new Queen Margaret Academy in Ayr there is clearly more of a case for a new school at Carrick Academy.

The building is clearly not fit for the 21st century and with the academy serving children from ten villages across the area, then it is one of the most vital education facilities in the Carrick region.

The council’s investment in schools is to be welcomed but with new builds scheduled for Ayr Academy and Marr College in the budget as well, there is a huge case for Carrick Academy moving up the list of council priorities in order to deliver for the pupils.