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Charity shop

Shop appeal

Help! Do you own an empty shop on Dalrymple Street? Would you be willing to rent it for a week to enable us to run a pop up charity shop?

We ran one successfully last year raising over £900 for Girvan Opportunities. This year we are hoping to raise funds for Breakthrough Breast Cancer and Girvan Opportunities - but we need premises!

Please contact me on 07979 446736 if you can help!

Clare Kennedy

Film Academy

Course Opportunity

A local aged 16-19 year old has the opportunity to attend a BFI ( British Film Industry ) residential in Edinburgh where they will learn about all aspects of film making. The course is being delivered by Screen education Edinburgh. The weeks course is free to any 16-19 year old who is seriously interested in a career in the film industry. No prior knowledge or experience is required, just a passion for film making!

Course takes place between 2nd - 9th August, application available at DEADLINE is July 11th.

Staff at Girvan Youth Trust are happy to help any young person wishing to apply for this unique opportunity.

Contact Girvan Youth Trust 01465 714729 or e-mail

Girvan Youth Trust

trade law

Democratic rights

It’s a basic principle of democracy that governments should be able to make decisions in the interests of the people who elected them. But the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) being negotiated between the US and the EU puts this principle under serious threat.

This trade deal aims to set up a secretive ‘court’ in which multinational companies can sue governments if they think a law might harm their profits. For example, a tobacco company is currently using a similar court to sue the Australian government for billions of pounds because Australia introduced plain packaging for cigarettes. It’s also suing Uruguay for simply putting a health warning on cigarette packets there.

I want the UK government to be able make laws to protect the people of this country, which is why I’ve joined the World Development Movement’s campaign to stop the deal.

Janet Gorman

Kirwaugh Cottage

Newton Stewart

Don’t lower standards

Following the food scandals of recent years, people are becoming much more aware of what goes into our food. The last thing we need is lower legal standards, but a deal being negotiated between the EU and the US could result in exactly that.

The EU-US trade deal aims to ‘harmonise’ European and American rules in food safety and many other areas, which in practice may mean slashing European standards to match the much lower US levels. So, products like hormone-treated beef and pork, and chicken washed in chlorine, sold by US companies but currently banned here, could appear on supermarket shelves in the UK.

Food is just one area in which this deal would give multinational companies much more influence in our lives.

Noreen Johnston

St. Couans Road

Newton Stewart